Hollywood Babylon Character Descriptions

Kenneth Anger
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Charles Spencer Chaplin

This man was an English actor, producer, director, musician, and businessman who had a fondness for younger women.

William Randolph Hearst

This man was a self-made millionaire who maintained an affair with a woman for whom he shot another man.

Clara Bow

This woman was a highly successful actress known as the It Girl in Old Hollywood.

Errol Flynn

This actor was known for adventure movies and was accused of rape.

Rudolph Valentino

This man was known as The Great Lover.

Louis B. Mayer

This man was a dope pusher who became an influential studio head at MGM.

Marlene Dietrich

This actress was androgynous and known for her foreign sex appeal.

Mae West

This actress is a Broadway actress turned Hollywood star, known for her sex appeal.

Gloria Swanson

This actress was a highly glamorous flapper who became one of Hollywood's richest stars.

Louella Parsons

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