Hollywood Babylon Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Kenneth Anger
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Chapters 1-9

• DW Griffith's "Babylon" set new standards for films with its extravagance.
• The birth of the film industry occurred around 1915, when actors and actresses became stars and not hired help.
• Drug culture was a large part of the film industry.
• The first major scandal in Hollywood occurred when Olive Thomas was found dead.
• Fatty Arbuckle was a comedian who was accused of raping and killing Virginia Rappe during a party in San Francisco.
• William Hays tried to clean up Hollywood but faced defiance.

Chapters 10-16

• Charlie Chaplin was known as a ladies' man who was known for having relationships with teenage girls like Mildred Harris and Lita Grey.
• Charlie Chaplin married Mildred Harris after he got her pregnant at age 16. Their child died, and the marriage ended badly.
• Lita Grey had two children with Chaplin and left him financially and emotionally damaged.
• Chaplin and Marion Davies were...

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