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Short Answer Questions

1. Who stands on Merlin's left inside the chapel?

2. Who confirms that Arthur handed Uther's sword back to him during battle?

3. What does Arthur try to give Merlin when he finds out Merlin's true identity?

4. Who ensures that the king and Arthur rest before the feast?

5. What request does Uther agree to do at the feast?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Arthur react to the argument between Merlin and Cador? How does Merlin react? Why?

2. What trap is set for Merlin as he rides to the Perilous Chapel? Who saves him?

3. What role does Lot play in the battle against Colgrim? Why?

4. How does Uther make the announcement during the feast that Arthur is his heir to the throne?

5. Why does Merlin leave immediately after the feast? What warning does Ralf give him?

6. What is the significance of Morgause entering the makeshift hospital where Merlin and Arthur are?

7. What do the lords and commoners find when they reach the Perilous Chapel?

8. What impact has the battle with Colgrim had on Uther's standings in the kingdom?

9. What do Uther and Merlin discuss during their meeting after the battle with Colgrim? What does Merlin perceive about Uther and his questions?

10. How do Lot and Cador respond to Arthur claiming the sword that makes him the rightful High King?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

What do the last moments before the feast, where Uther will announce Arthur his rightful heir, remind the reader about Arthur? How does he compare to Lot as a leader?

Essay Topic 2

What evidence is there that the characters who participated in bringing Uther and Ygraine together the night of Arthur's conception are more closely connected than any of them first realize?

Essay Topic 3

Merlin has visions and prophecies throughout the story about Arthur and those around him. How do these visions shape the actions of the characters? Give one example of a vision that came true and an example of one that did not. Which are more significant?

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