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Short Answer Questions

1. Who serves as Uther's chief captain?

2. What jumps into the water and swims across the lake in front of Merlin?

3. Who is left to prevent the return of the Saxons when the battle is concluded?

4. Who enters the tent as Arthur and Merlin are talking after the battle?

5. What announcement is made while Merlin and Arthur are talking in Part 4, Chapter 5?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Merlin tell Morgause about her plan and his prophecy for her and her child?

2. What does Arthur's child with Morgause symbolize? What does it mean for his kingdom? What does Merlin do?

3. How does the battle with Colgrim end? Why is this important?

4. Why does the sentry allow Arthur to be taken from he and Merlin's double room? Who does Arthur leave with?

5. What impact has the battle with Colgrim had on Uther's standings in the kingdom?

6. What challenges does Lot raise against Uther's proclamation that Arthur is his heir? What do his challenges cause?

7. Why does Arthur's absence from their double room bother Merlin? What does Merlin see in a vision?

8. What trap is set for Merlin as he rides to the Perilous Chapel? Who saves him?

9. How does Arthur find Caliburn, Macsen's sword?

10. How does Uther make the announcement during the feast that Arthur is his heir to the throne?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Putting aside the more magical aspects of Arthur's trip to the throne, there are a lot of politics at work within this story. Create a summary of those politics. Name the players and what they stand to gain or lose.

Essay Topic 2

Why does Merlin have difficulty reconciling the visions he has of Arthur with Macsen's sword? He knows that the sword will be Arthur's, so why is there a problem?

Essay Topic 3

How does Merlin solve the problem of Morgause? Does the author give any indication that this problem will come back to haunt Arthur?

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