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Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Merlin plan to tell the king's soldiers they are coming from?

2. When is Arthur born?

3. What is the name of the hillsmen's leader?

4. Who has been sent to be a servant to Merlin and then Arthur, once he is born?

5. What drug is Merlin given to provide him some comfort after hurting his hand?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does the term "Flood Year" refer to? Why is it important to the story?

2. What question does Bedwyr raise while at the chapel with Arthur and Merlin that others have not asked? How does Arthur respond?

3. How does Arthur finally meet Merlin? How does Merlin recognize the boy?

4. Why does Merlin spend so much time traveling all over Europe? Where does he go? How long is he gone?

5. What are some of the extraordinary qualities attributed to Merlin? How many, if any, of them are true? What is the truth about Merlin?

6. What parts of Arthur's upbringing do Merlin and Uther agree on? What parts do they not agree on? What is Merlin's solution to the problem?

7. Merlin meets Morgause, Uther's illegitimate daughter, after developing a medicine for the ailing Uther. What are Merlin's impressions of Morgause? Does the author give any indication that there is more to Morgause than is being revealed?

8. Why does Merlin travel in disguise with the infant Arthur? What disguise does he assume?

9. What plan do Merlin and Ygraine develop for Arthur after his birth? Why?

10. How does Merlin come to know the Old Ones in the forest?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The people believe that Merlin is a powerful enchanter. What factors play into that belief? What do we know about Merlin, the common people, and the nobility that enable this belief?

Essay Topic 2

What do the last moments before the feast, where Uther will announce Arthur his rightful heir, remind the reader about Arthur? How does he compare to Lot as a leader?

Essay Topic 3

Merlin picks and chooses when to reveal his true identity while Arthur is growing up. What does he gain with each approach? Give specific examples of each.

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