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Short Answer Questions

1. Who summons Merlin to Tintagel the second week of September?

2. What is the name of one of the men sent to spy on Merlin?

3. Who often accompanied Arthur to Merlin's chapel?

4. How many small hillsmen surround Merlin in the forest as he wakes?

5. What is the name of the woods that Merlin and his troop ride through?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Ector tell Merlin of the other royal families in the area? Why are their activities important?

2. What question does Bedwyr raise while at the chapel with Arthur and Merlin that others have not asked? How does Arthur respond?

3. Moravik has a unique perspective of Merlin. What is it and why does she feel the way she does about him?

4. Merlin meets Morgause, Uther's illegitimate daughter, after developing a medicine for the ailing Uther. What are Merlin's impressions of Morgause? Does the author give any indication that there is more to Morgause than is being revealed?

5. The spring after Arthur's twelfth birthday brings the rumblings of war to England. What happens?

6. What does Uther reveal to Merlin about his injury? How does this effect his concern for Arthur?

7. What dream does Merlin have while traveling to the glass blower's hut in the forest? What is its significance?

8. Why does Merlin hide himself away in his cave for three months after returning to Bryn Myrddin?

9. Merlin asks the messenger to give him all the information he has on the world outside of Merlin's cave. He tells him about the war and the invading Saxons. What significance does this play to the story?

10. What are some of the extraordinary qualities attributed to Merlin? How many, if any, of them are true? What is the truth about Merlin?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The white deer appears in this story more than once. Where does it appear and what is its significance in each situation? To the story overall?

Essay Topic 2

There are two purposes behind Merlin's fanciful story of Arthur's birth to the young goat herd. What are they? Describe in your answer which one is an important piece of Arthur's rise and which one describes Merlin's character.

Essay Topic 3

Merlin has visions and prophecies throughout the story about Arthur and those around him. How do these visions shape the actions of the characters? Give one example of a vision that came true and an example of one that did not. Which are more significant?

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