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This castle is the stronghold of Cornwall, formerly held by Gorlois and passed to Cador, where Arthur is both conceived and born.

Bryn Myrddin

This place, named for the ancient god of winged spaces, is granted to Merlin by Uther himself.


This is the village in which Merlin waits for his summons from the pregnant queen.

Saxon Shore

The strip of land to the southeast coast of England relegated to the Federated Saxons in an attempt to keep peace between the two peoples.


This is the territory ruled by Count Ector, Arthur's guardian and Uther's greatest ally to the north.


This is the village in Rheged in which Ector lives and raises Arthur.

Wild Forest

This place consists of mountainous tracts of country just outside of Galava in which the energetic and reckless young Arthur delights.


This is the pitched battle between the...

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