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Essay Topic 1

There are two purposes behind Merlin's fanciful story of Arthur's birth to the young goat herd. What are they? Describe in your answer which one is an important piece of Arthur's rise and which one describes Merlin's character.

Essay Topic 2

The people believe that Merlin is a powerful enchanter. What factors play into that belief? What do we know about Merlin, the common people, and the nobility that enable this belief?

Essay Topic 3

What evidence is there that the characters who participated in bringing Uther and Ygraine together the night of Arthur's conception are more closely connected than any of them first realize?

Essay Topic 4

There is a significant challenge in deciding what should be done with Arthur after he is born. What does Ygraine want done with her son? What does Uther want done with his son? What is done with Arthur?

Essay Topic 5


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