The Hollow Hills Character Descriptions

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Merlin - This character is a direct descendant of the royal bloodline and is nephew to the king, even though he was never groomed for any political position at court.

Uther - This character is a member of the royal house of Pendragon and the High King of all Britain.

Ygraine - This character remarries and subsequently gives birth to the future High King.

Gorlois - This character is the King of Cornwall and is killed in battle.

Arthur - This character is unfairly termed "bastard" at birth and, in his infancy, is sent to live away from court with no knowledge of who he is.

Ralf - As a teenager, this character acts as the queen's page, but he is sent from the court and incurs the king's wide-ranging anger. He will become the future king's bodyguard.

Cador - This character is the son of the...

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