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• The reader learns briefly of Arthur's destiny, from his conception one stormy night to his supernatural crowning.

• When Merlin first meets Arthur he is nine-years-old living in Galava with Count Ector.

• Arthur has no idea he is of noble birth.

• Merlin falls from his horse and injures his hand.

• Merlin takes this opportunity to tell an enchanted tale of Arthur's birth to the young goat herd who is attending to him.

• Back on his horse, Merlin comes across King Uther, but the king does not even look at him.

• Merlin awakens at camp in Dimilioc, drugged with poppy and his wounds bandaged.

• He overhears Uther's physician, Gandar, and the doctor's assistant talking about him.

• He hears other voices as well, and is comforted when they discuss the fact that Merlin will recover from his battle wounds just fine.

• Merlin recounts the attack on himself...

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