Objects & Places from Holidays on Ice

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This place contains a long path through a village with dioramas of penguins.

One Life to Live

This is what Sedaris dreams of writing for when he moves to New York.

Sallie Mae

Sedaris says that this company is a predatory bully.

Feeny State

A son is destined for success here.

Burlap Dresses

These are used as examples of a matriarchs generosity.

Crack Baby

This is a nickname for a grandson.

Piccadilly Cafeteria

The decor of this place is tacky but superficially elegant, with faux torches on the walls and red velvet trimmings.

K&W Cafeteria

This is where David's sister Lisa gets her first after-school job.

Dinah's apartment

This place is squalid, foul-smelling, and located in the slums of Raleigh.

Sedaris kitchen

This is where a family spends a pleasant evening with a prostitute.

Proboscis Monkey

Sedaris dreams of traveling the world with this.

Jasper's Breath, Kentucky

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