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Short Answer Questions

1. What does a boy comment on that makes Mr. Sir angry and results in Mr. Sir physically abusing the boy?

2. How are the boys supposed to measure the holes that they dig?

3. What does the warden do after telling Mr. Sir she doesn't care about his sunflower seeds?

4. What is not true about the yellow-spotted lizards?

5. Why does Stanley tell X-Ray to wait to give what he found in the hole on the third day to Mr. Pendanski until the next day?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is the nickname Stanley gets at Camp Green Lake, and how does he get it?

2. What does the warden do to Mr. Pendanski while at the dig site?

3. What does Zero want from Stanley?

4. How does Mr. Sir punish Stanley even though Stanley doesn't say anything about Mr. Sir's discolored face?

5. Why did Elya go to Madam Zeroni for help?

6. Explain what the routine is like at Camp Green Lake.

7. What does Mr. Pendanski tell the boys during their counseling time in Part 1?

8. What does the warden ask Stanley to bring her when Mr. Sir takes him in for stealing sunflower seeds?

9. What does Stanley suddenly realize about the initials on the tube of lipstick that X-Ray gave to the warden?

10. What happens at the beginning of the third day of digging?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Explain the ways that Sam's onions helped Stanley and Zero in the book. In what ways is this different that the way they had helped the town so long ago? In what ways is it similar?

Essay Topic 2

Look at Zero's personality. Why did Zero hit Mr. Pendanski with a shovel? Why would Zero refuse to go back to camp when it was likely he would die in the desert? Why was Zero so willing to dig for Stanley and to fight for him when Zigzag attacked?

Essay Topic 3

Compare the relationship between Zero and Stanley to that of the relationship between Madam Zeroni and Elya Yelnats.

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