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Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Stanley tell X-Ray to wait to give what he found in the hole on the third day to Mr. Pendanski until the next day?

2. What does Stanley find Squid doing, even though Squid denies it?

3. What does Stanley notice when he sees the boys line up for water?

4. What does Stanley pretend Camp Green Lake is to make it more enjoyable?

5. What happened to Stanley's great-grandfather's fortune when he went out west?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe the shovels and the reason that the kids are given the shovels at Camp Green Lake.

2. How does Stanley's first day of digging go?

3. What happens at the beginning of the third day of digging?

4. Describe Camp Green Lake.

5. How does Stanley's second hole differ from the first?

6. Describe the yellow-spotted lizards.

7. What is the warden's reply to Mr. Sir's accusations of Stanley stealing the sunflower seeds?

8. Describe Kate Barlow and what she was known for in the town of Green Lake.

9. What does Stanley suddenly realize about the initials on the tube of lipstick that X-Ray gave to the warden?

10. How did Kate and Sam get to know each other?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Explain the ways that Sam's onions helped Stanley and Zero in the book. In what ways is this different that the way they had helped the town so long ago? In what ways is it similar?

Essay Topic 2

Stanley Yelnats has been sent to Camp Green Lake although he did nothing wrong. How would the story have changed, and the reader's perception changed, had Stanley been guilty of a crime?

Essay Topic 3

Why did Mr. Sir choose to refuse Stanly any water after Mr. Sir's sunflower seeds were taken? Could there have been better punishment? Describe Mr. Sir and Stanley's stand off regarding the water and what it's really about.

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