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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why did Linda Miller marry Trout Walker?
(a) Love.
(b) Money.
(c) It was an arranged Marriage.
(d) She was pregnant.

2. Why do the Zero and Stanley wash their socks in the jars?
(a) To see if they can.
(b) To keep the socks cleaner.
(c) To keep bugs off the socks.
(d) So they won't contaminate the water they drink.

3. What did Gladys Tennyson run out of her house to tell Sam?
(a) She wanted to buy his mule, Mary Lou.
(b) That he shouldn't get involved with a white woman.
(c) That his medicine cured her daughter.
(d) That she wanted to buy more of his medicine.

4. What does Mr. Pendanski do because Mr. Sir refuses to give Stanley a fair share of water?
(a) Has some of the other kids share.
(b) Goes to talk to the warden.
(c) Has a talk with Mr. Sir.
(d) Give Stanley extra water.

5. What is Stanley's biggest fear about dying?
(a) What would happen to Zero.
(b) The pain involved.
(c) How hard it would be on his parents.
(d) What is after this life.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who celebrates a birthday in Part 2?

2. What injury does Zero incur while trying to help Stanley up the side of the mountain?

3. How did Trout and Linda force Kate into the desert?

4. What makes the other boys mad at Stanley?

5. What does Zigzag offer Stanley that starts a fight in Part 2?

Short Essay Questions

1. What happens when Zero is questioned about the reading lessons Stanley is giving him?

2. What embarrassed Hattie Parker?

3. Describe the boy that comes to Camp Green Lake to take Zero's place.

4. Why does Stanley want to go back to camp so badly after finding Zero in the desert?

5. What happens after Mr. Sir has filled Stanley's canteen for the first time?

6. How has Zero survived the harsh desert for so long when Stanley finds him?

7. What happens when the water truck comes to the dig site the afternoon Zero's replacement arrives?

8. What happens when Zero & Stanley return to camp from the mountain?

9. What surprises Stanley as he walks across the desert after the water truck incident?

10. What happens when Stanley and Zero are able to make it to the top of the mountain?

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