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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How did Trout and Linda force Kate into the desert?
(a) With a knife.
(b) They threatened to torture her.
(c) They had a noose around her neck.
(d) At gunpoint.

2. What does Stanley think after what Zero says as he is falling asleep on the mountain?
(a) Zero is a liar.
(b) Zero is delirious.
(c) He is angry.
(d) It is impossible.

3. What fills some of the holes that Stanley jumps over while walking through the desert alone after the water truck incident?
(a) Yellow-spotted lizards.
(b) Rattlesnakes.
(c) Scorpions.
(d) Alligators.

4. What does Zero say is written on the suitcase?
(a) Stanley's name.
(b) Kate Barlow's name.
(c) The name of the City of Green Lake.
(d) A banks name.

5. What does Zero do when Stanley asks him what the mountain looks like?
(a) Gives him a thumbs up.
(b) Shrugs.
(c) Begins to pray.
(d) Looks confused.

6. What was Kate missing when Trout and Linda forced her into the desert?
(a) Her hat.
(b) Shoes.
(c) A garter.
(d) A dress.

7. What does Stanley find upside-down while walking through the desert alone?
(a) A jet ski.
(b) A boat.
(c) A house.
(d) A horse.

8. What does Stanley do when Mr. Sir fills his canteen again the first time?
(a) Drinks it.
(b) Gives it to Zigzag.
(c) Pours it out.
(d) Uses it to make a mud pie.

9. What reason does the lawyer say the warden can't check the suitcase?
(a) Stanley's name is on the suitcase.
(b) The warden is under arrest.
(c) Stanley is not guilty or in their custody.
(d) Stanley has been through enough.

10. What encourages Stanley on through the desert when he is alone?
(a) The rock that looks like a thumbs up.
(b) The fact that he no longer has to dig.
(c) He hasn't found Zero's body yet.
(d) He is scared of Mr. Sir catching him.

11. What did Kate do as she died?
(a) Laughed.
(b) Gave Trout and Linda the loot location.
(c) Began screaming for help.
(d) Ate an onion.

12. When would Zero go to homeless shelters?
(a) When he was scared.
(b) When he was hungry.
(c) Only in bad weather.
(d) When he felt sad.

13. What surprises Stanley as he walks through the desert alone after the water truck incident?
(a) The number of holes.
(b) The intense sun.
(c) Not finding Zero's body.
(d) The heat.

14. What does Brian do that earns him his nickname?
(a) Fidgets a lot.
(b) Has seizures.
(c) Steals cars.
(d) Listens to hard core rock music.

15. What did Kate Barlow find left of the town of Green Lake 20 years after the death of Sam?
(a) The town and the lake had turned into a desert.
(b) Sam left her a note.
(c) A lynching party.
(d) The school had been rebuilt.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Zero offer Stanley while they are under the boat?

2. What is wrong with Zero when Stanley finds him after the water truck incident?

3. What is Brian sent to Camp Green Lake for?

4. What name does Stanley find on the upside-down object he finds while walking in the desert alone?

5. What did Zero pretend to be while he slept outside?

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