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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What two things do Zero and Stanley pack before heading back to camp from the mountain?
(a) Socks and shovels.
(b) Shovels and water.
(c) Onions and clean socks.
(d) Onions and water.

2. What does Zero say is written on the suitcase?
(a) Stanley's name.
(b) A banks name.
(c) Kate Barlow's name.
(d) The name of the City of Green Lake.

3. What does Stanley do when Mr. Sir fills his canteen again the first time?
(a) Drinks it.
(b) Pours it out.
(c) Gives it to Zigzag.
(d) Uses it to make a mud pie.

4. What do Stanley and Zero joke is waiting for them on the top of the mountain?
(a) Home.
(b) An all-you-can-eat-buffet.
(c) An ice cream shop.
(d) An Italian restaurant.

5. What makes the other boys mad at Stanley?
(a) Mr. Pendanski is trying to be Stanley's friend
(b) Stanley gets extra water
(c) Zero is digging for Stanley
(d) The warden is giving Stanley special treatment

6. What does Stanley tell Zero the onion is that they find atop the mountain?
(a) A hot fudge sundae.
(b) A cheese burger.
(c) Italian food.
(d) Medicine.

7. What was it that had made Gladys Tennyson's daughter sick?
(a) Dirty water.
(b) Bad meat.
(c) Onions.
(d) Sploosh.

8. What does Mr. Pendanski tell Stanley to do when Zigzag is taunting him in Part 2?
(a) To ignore Zigzag.
(b) Go tell the warden.
(c) To hit Zigzag.
(d) Spit in his face.

9. Who comes to help Stanley when Zigzag is getting the better of Stanley in Part 2?
(a) X-Ray.
(b) Kate Barlow.
(c) Zero.
(d) Mr. Pendanski.

10. What does Mr. Sir do when he finally decides to fill Stanley's canteen?
(a) Spits into it.
(b) Gives it to X-Ray.
(c) Sticks his fingers in it.
(d) Goes into the truck where Stanley can't see it.

11. What did Kate Barlow find left of the town of Green Lake 20 years after the death of Sam?
(a) The town and the lake had turned into a desert.
(b) A lynching party.
(c) Sam left her a note.
(d) The school had been rebuilt.

12. What does Stanley do for Zero to keep him moving and his mind off the pain when they are in the desert alone?
(a) Sings him a song.
(b) Tells him about his home.
(c) Gives him words to spell.
(d) Tells him stories about his great-grandfather.

13. How did Trout and Linda force Kate into the desert?
(a) They threatened to torture her.
(b) With a knife.
(c) They had a noose around her neck.
(d) At gunpoint.

14. Where did Zero put the famous sneakers he stole that eventually got Stanley in trouble?
(a) On a bridge.
(b) Tied to a balloon.
(c) On top of a car.
(d) He couldn't remember.

15. What does Zero offer Stanley while they are under the boat?
(a) Sploosh.
(b) Water.
(c) Gunk.
(d) Mud Pies.

Short Answer Questions

1. What reason does the lawyer say the warden can't check the suitcase?

2. Why do the Zero and Stanley wash their socks in the jars?

3. Who appears when the Zero and Stanley unearth a large metal case?

4. What does Zero tell Stanley before he falls to sleep on the mountain in Part 2, Chapter 39?

5. What killed Kate Barlow?

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