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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who appears when the Zero and Stanley unearth a large metal case?
(a) Mr. Sir.
(b) Kate Barlow.
(c) The warden.
(d) X-Ray.

2. What was Zero's mother at one point in time?
(a) A policewoman.
(b) A nun.
(c) A baby sitter.
(d) A Girl Scout.

3. What two things do Zero and Stanley pack before heading back to camp from the mountain?
(a) Socks and shovels.
(b) Onions and clean socks.
(c) Onions and water.
(d) Shovels and water.

4. What does Stanley think after what Zero says as he is falling asleep on the mountain?
(a) It is impossible.
(b) Zero is a liar.
(c) He is angry.
(d) Zero is delirious.

5. Who celebrates a birthday in Part 2?
(a) Armpit.
(b) Mr. Pendanski.
(c) Lumpy.
(d) Zigzag.

6. What was Brian yelling to Stanley while he was in the water truck?
(a) "Put it in gear!"
(b) "Floor it!"
(c) "Get out!"
(d) "Go! Go! Go!"

7. What does Stanley tell Zero the onion is that they find atop the mountain?
(a) A cheese burger.
(b) Italian food.
(c) Medicine.
(d) A hot fudge sundae.

8. What reason does the warden give for needing to check Stanley's suitcase?
(a) Theft or confidential information pertaining to other boys.
(b) Her car keys are missing.
(c) Theft or drugs.
(d) To make sure there aren't any scorpions in it.

9. Why do the Zero and Stanley wash their socks in the jars?
(a) So they won't contaminate the water they drink.
(b) To see if they can.
(c) To keep the socks cleaner.
(d) To keep bugs off the socks.

10. What does Zero tell Stanley that Stanley did and his mother did it too?
(a) Gave him a high five.
(b) Took care of him.
(c) Walked off and left him.
(d) Sang him that lullaby.

11. What did Kate Barlow find left of the town of Green Lake 20 years after the death of Sam?
(a) A lynching party.
(b) The town and the lake had turned into a desert.
(c) Sam left her a note.
(d) The school had been rebuilt.

12. What does Mr. Sir do when he finally decides to fill Stanley's canteen?
(a) Goes into the truck where Stanley can't see it.
(b) Gives it to X-Ray.
(c) Sticks his fingers in it.
(d) Spits into it.

13. What is Zero doing while he and Stanley are trapped in the hole covered in deadly creatures?
(a) Sounding out letters.
(b) Singing the lullaby his mother and Stanley both sang.
(c) Praying.
(d) Spelling small words.

14. What do the counselors do when Zero runs away?
(a) Destroy evidence that he was ever there.
(b) Have the other boys begin a search.
(c) Call in the police.
(d) Go looking for him.

15. What does the warden claim Zero and Stanley did when Stanley's attorney arrives?
(a) Tried to attack her.
(b) Tried to steal her money.
(c) Tried to use the lizards to kill the councilors.
(d) Stole her suitcase.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Zigzag offer Stanley that starts a fight in Part 2?

2. What happens as Stanley drives home from Camp Green Lake?

3. What makes the other boys mad at Stanley?

4. What does Mr. Pendanski say Stanley should be trying to teach reading to rather than Zero?

5. What do the warden and other counselors do when they see the boys covered by deadly creatures in the hole?

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