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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did the sheriff tell Kate that he always got drunk before?
(a) His town meeting.
(b) He gets a kiss.
(c) A hanging.
(d) A dance.

2. Why is the "rec room" referred to as the "wreck room"?
(a) All the equipment is broken.
(b) The rec room was made into the warden's relaxation area.
(c) The building was torn down.
(d) The rec room is used for fixing the warden's broken trucks.

3. Who does Mr. Pendanski say the boys have to blame for being at camp?
(a) Bad luck.
(b) Their parents.
(c) Themselves.
(d) The failed judicial system.

4. What does Stanley nearly step on while walking back to the dig site after Mr. Sir took him to get in trouble with the warden?
(a) A rattlesnake.
(b) A yellow-spotted Lizard.
(c) A pile of money.
(d) A scorpion.

5. What does the warden poke Armpit with while he is on a bathroom break?
(a) A pencil.
(b) A pitchfork.
(c) A wooden Stake.
(d) A knife.

6. Despite the fact that Zero doesn't read what does Stanley realize Zero is very good at?
(a) Stealing.
(b) Math.
(c) Manipulating Warden and Mr. Sir.
(d) Economics.

7. What was Kate Barlow's job in the town of Green Lake?
(a) School teacher.
(b) Maid.
(c) Saloon girl.
(d) Cook.

8. What does Stanley offer to do for Zero to pay him back for what he did to Stanley's hole while Stanley was away talking with the warden?
(a) Teach him to dance.
(b) Teach him to write.
(c) Teach him to read.
(d) Write letters for him.

9. What does Stanley find in the hole he is digging on the third day and gives to X-Ray?
(a) A tube of lipstick.
(b) An old shoe.
(c) The fortune.
(d) A map.

10. Why does Stanley have a harder time digging the second day?
(a) Stanley missed breakfast.
(b) There are yellow-spotted lizards at the dig site.
(c) Stanley didn't get much sleep.
(d) His muscles are sore.

11. What animal does Camp Green Lake not have?
(a) Yellow-spotted lizards.
(b) Scorpions.
(c) Rattlesnakes.
(d) Alligators.

12. What does Zero give Stanley in return for teaching him something?
(a) Zero gives Stanley spanish lessons.
(b) Zero gives Stanley his clean socks.
(c) Zero gives Stanley some of his food.
(d) Zero digs Stanley's hole for an equal portion of teaching time.

13. What reason does Mr. Pendanski give for Mr. Sir being in a bad mood?
(a) Mr. Sir hates the heat.
(b) Mr. Sir lost his hat.
(c) Mr. Sir has a tooth ache.
(d) Mr. Sir quit smoking.

14. What is Stanley's original reply when Zero asks him to teach him to read?
(a) We don't have time.
(b) You can't learn.
(c) Yes.
(d) No.

15. What feeling does Mr. Sir tell Stanley that Stanley will have for the next eighteen months?
(a) Exhaustion.
(b) Thirst.
(c) Happiness.
(d) Hunger.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Stanley's mother say her apartment smells like?

2. What does the warden have Stanley bring her in Part 1, Chapter 20?

3. What does Mr. Sir bandage Stanley with after Zigzag hurts Stanley while they are working in a hole together?

4. What does X-Ray tell Stanley to do when they line up for water in Part 1, Chapter 13?

5. What does Stanley find waiting for him when he gets back to camp in Part 1, Chapter 16?

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