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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What surprises Stanley when he sees the warden for the first time?
(a) The warden is very nice.
(b) The warden is a woman.
(c) The warden is very pretty.
(d) The warden has a lisp.

2. Why does Stanley tell X-Ray to wait to give what he found in the hole on the third day to Mr. Pendanski until the next day?
(a) So that they will get more time off.
(b) So they can see if there is anything valuable about the tube.
(c) They want to try the lipstick on.
(d) So they can lie about where they found it.

3. What is said to be true if a person can see the yellow spots on a yellow-spotted lizard?
(a) You need to run.
(b) You are looking at their belly.
(c) You are already dead.
(d) You can smell them.

4. Why does Stanley have a harder time digging the second day?
(a) Stanley didn't get much sleep.
(b) His muscles are sore.
(c) Stanley missed breakfast.
(d) There are yellow-spotted lizards at the dig site.

5. Why does the warden lose interest in the digging project?
(a) The boys are digging too slow.
(b) She gets tired of being dirty.
(c) The digging is too hot.
(d) Nothing else is found.

6. What does the warden have Mr. Pendanski do to punish him for not obeying her without question?
(a) Dig Stanley's hole.
(b) Act as a step stool.
(c) Cook dinner for the boys.
(d) Walk back to camp.

7. What does Mr. Sir do when Stanley comes to have his canteen filled with water?
(a) Pours Stanley's water on the ground.
(b) Gives Stanley's water to X-Ray.
(c) Refuses to give Stanley any water.
(d) Spits in Stanley's water.

8. What happened to Stanley's great-grandfather's fortune when he went out west?
(a) It was taken by Indians.
(b) The government took it.
(c) He lost it in the desert.
(d) It was stolen by Kissing Kate Barlow.

9. What does a boy comment on that makes Mr. Sir angry and results in Mr. Sir physically abusing the boy?
(a) Mr. Sir's stitches.
(b) Mr. Sir's new dog.
(c) Mr. Sir's swollen face.
(d) Mr. Sir's broken arm.

10. What is Mr. Pendanski's response to the rock with the fish fossil?
(a) He is uninterested.
(b) He is angry.
(c) He is happy.
(d) He does a jig.

11. What does Stanley notice when he sees the boys line up for water?
(a) They aren't concerned about getting there.
(b) They are in the same order as the day before.
(c) They shove to get to the front.
(d) They are giggling.

12. Where did X-Ray get his nickname?
(a) His mother.
(b) X-Ray correctly guessed what was in a metal box.
(c) Pig Latin.
(d) It is a joke among the boys.

13. What has Stanley been told he will win if he ever finds anything interesting while digging?
(a) An extra glass of water.
(b) The rest of the day off.
(c) An extra plate of food.
(d) An extra hour of sleep.

14. Why does Stanley try to keep to himself?
(a) He thinks the boys are low class.
(b) He has t0o many friends.
(c) The boys are dangerous.
(d) The warden convinces him it is best that way.

15. What does Zigzag do to Stanley while they are digging in one giant hole together?
(a) Hits him with a shovel.
(b) Punches him in the nose.
(c) Dumps dirt on him.
(d) Gives him a wedgie.

Short Answer Questions

1. What happened to Barf Bag, aka Lewis, the boy who had previously occupied Stanley's cot?

2. What does Mr. Pendanski say is the one real rule at Camp Green Lake?

3. Why is the "rec room" referred to as the "wreck room"?

4. What animal does Camp Green Lake not have?

5. What does X-Ray do for Stanley when the boys return from digging in the evening on the day the warden appears?

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