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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the warden tell Mr. Pendanski that he is doing wrong after she has brought blood on one of the boys?
(a) Giving them too many breaks.
(b) Giving them too much water.
(c) Not working them hard enough.
(d) Working them too hard.

2. What does Stanley pretend Camp Green Lake is to make it more enjoyable?
(a) A day spa resort.
(b) Summer school.
(c) A sleep over.
(d) A rich kid summer camp.

3. Why could Sam and Kate not see each other?
(a) Sam was poor.
(b) Kate was blind.
(c) Kate was spoken for.
(d) Sam was black.

4. What does Stanley refuse from Mr. Pendanski after Stanley gets out of the first hole he dug?
(a) A hand shake.
(b) A drink of water.
(c) A ride back to camp.
(d) A piece of candy.

5. What happens when the bag of sunflower seeds Magnet stole is thrown to Stanley?
(a) Stanley throws them right back.
(b) Stanley saves them for later.
(c) Stanley gives them back to Mr. Sir.
(d) Stanley spills them in his hole.

6. Why does Zero say he did what he did to Stanley's hole while Stanley was away talking with the warden?
(a) Because Zero knew Stanley didn't steal the sneakers or the seeds.
(b) Zero loves to dig holes.
(c) Because he felt sorry for Stanley.
(d) Zero hates Mr. Sir.

7. What tradition do the boys have after they finish every hole?
(a) To kick a pile of dirt back in it.
(b) To urinate in it.
(c) To name it.
(d) To spit in it.

8. Who does the warden pair Stanley with?
(a) Lumpy.
(b) Zero.
(c) X-Ray.
(d) Magnet.

9. What does Mr. Sir bandage Stanley with after Zigzag hurts Stanley while they are working in a hole together?
(a) A first-aid kit.
(b) A sunflower seed sack.
(c) A used handkerchief.
(d) An old dirty t-shirt.

10. What does Mr. Sir take Stanley to the warden for in Part 1, Chapter 20?
(a) Trying to run away.
(b) Stealing the water truck.
(c) Stealing sunflower seeds.
(d) Lying about where the lipstick was found.

11. Who does Stanley's family say is the cause of their bad luck?
(a) Madame Zeroni.
(b) Stanley's old girl friend.
(c) Stanley's great-great-grandfather.
(d) Stanley's great-great-grandmother.

12. What reason does Mr. Pendanski give for Mr. Sir being in a bad mood?
(a) Mr. Sir has a tooth ache.
(b) Mr. Sir hates the heat.
(c) Mr. Sir lost his hat.
(d) Mr. Sir quit smoking.

13. Why is the "rec room" referred to as the "wreck room"?
(a) The rec room was made into the warden's relaxation area.
(b) The rec room is used for fixing the warden's broken trucks.
(c) The building was torn down.
(d) All the equipment is broken.

14. What happens when Stanley finishes his first hole?
(a) The other boys cheer Stanley.
(b) Stanley names the hole.
(c) Stanley is allowed a phone call home.
(d) Stanley can't get out.

15. Where did X-Ray get his nickname?
(a) X-Ray correctly guessed what was in a metal box.
(b) Pig Latin.
(c) His mother.
(d) It is a joke among the boys.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Mr. Sir have in his mouth when he meets Stanley?

2. What does Stanley find Squid doing, even though Squid denies it?

3. What was Kate Barlow known for making?

4. Why did Sam say that Mary Lou has never been sick in her 50 years?

5. What does Stanley find odd about his hole when he returns to the dig site after Mr. Sir took him to get in trouble with the warden?

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