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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Stanley pretend that Camp Green Lake is offering him when he writes letters to his mother?
(a) Junior politician lessons.
(b) Fun and games.
(c) Swimming and golfing.
(d) Fishing and hunting.

2. Where had Stanley's great-grandfather said that he found refuge when he was left in the desert for 17 days?
(a) The hand of God.
(b) Atop of a mountain.
(c) The finger of God.
(d) God's shelter.

3. When Stanley returns to the camp after digging his second hole, what does he find happening?
(a) Mr. Pendanski counseling the boys.
(b) Mr. Sir yelling at Zero.
(c) The swat team tearing apart the rec room.
(d) The warden punishing X-Ray.

4. What happens when Stanley finishes his first hole?
(a) Stanley is allowed a phone call home.
(b) Stanley can't get out.
(c) Stanley names the hole.
(d) The other boys cheer Stanley.

5. Why is the "rec room" referred to as the "wreck room"?
(a) The building was torn down.
(b) The rec room was made into the warden's relaxation area.
(c) All the equipment is broken.
(d) The rec room is used for fixing the warden's broken trucks.

6. What does Mr. Sir take Stanley to the warden for in Part 1, Chapter 20?
(a) Trying to run away.
(b) Stealing the water truck.
(c) Lying about where the lipstick was found.
(d) Stealing sunflower seeds.

7. What does Mr. Sir do when Stanley comes to have his canteen filled with water?
(a) Pours Stanley's water on the ground.
(b) Gives Stanley's water to X-Ray.
(c) Spits in Stanley's water.
(d) Refuses to give Stanley any water.

8. What does Stanley pretend Camp Green Lake is to make it more enjoyable?
(a) Summer school.
(b) A rich kid summer camp.
(c) A day spa resort.
(d) A sleep over.

9. What does Stanley refer to the camp as when he writes his mother?
(a) Camp come-on-and-get-me-outa-here.
(b) Camp fun and games.
(c) Camp laugh-a-lot.
(d) Camp Aaaaaaaa!.

10. What animal does Camp Green Lake not have?
(a) Yellow-spotted lizards.
(b) Alligators.
(c) Scorpions.
(d) Rattlesnakes.

11. Who did something to Stanley's hole while Stanley was away talking with the warden?
(a) Lumpy.
(b) Magnet.
(c) X-Ray ordered the other boys to dig it.
(d) Zero.

12. What did the sheriff tell Kate that he always got drunk before?
(a) His town meeting.
(b) A hanging.
(c) A dance.
(d) He gets a kiss.

13. What is on the object Stanley finds while digging on the third day?
(a) An arrow.
(b) A heart and the letters K.B.
(c) Stanley's name.
(d) A heart and the name Mary Lou.

14. Why did Madam Zeroni try to dissuade Elya from trying to marry Myra Menke?
(a) Myra was silly and shallow.
(b) Myra was too old for Elya
(c) Mrya was rich and self-absorbed.
(d) Myra was ugly and has a lisp.

15. What does Stanley find odd about his hole when he returns to the dig site after Mr. Sir took him to get in trouble with the warden?
(a) There is a yellow-spotted lizard in it.
(b) Someone started filling it back in.
(c) The other boys threw trash in it.
(d) Someone has already dug it.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Stanley find in the hole he is digging on the third day and gives to X-Ray?

2. Why could Sam and Kate not see each other?

3. Who does Mr. Pendanski say the boys have to blame for being at camp?

4. What does the warden poke Armpit with while he is on a bathroom break?

5. How does Zigzag say the warden knows so much about the boys?

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