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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happened to Barf Bag, aka Lewis, the boy who had previously occupied Stanley's cot?
(a) He died.
(b) He won the lottery.
(c) He went home.
(d) He is in the hospital.

2. What does Mr. Sir have in his mouth when he meets Stanley?
(a) Sunflower seeds.
(b) False teeth.
(c) Cigar.
(d) Gum.

3. When Stanley returns to the camp after digging his second hole, what does he find happening?
(a) The swat team tearing apart the rec room.
(b) Mr. Pendanski counseling the boys.
(c) The warden punishing X-Ray.
(d) Mr. Sir yelling at Zero.

4. What does Stanley pretend that Camp Green Lake is offering him when he writes letters to his mother?
(a) Swimming and golfing.
(b) Fishing and hunting.
(c) Fun and games.
(d) Junior politician lessons.

5. What did Hattie Potter tell Sam and Kate that God will punish them for?
(a) Loving each other.
(b) Kissing.
(c) Burning down the school house.
(d) Robbing a stage coach.

6. What does Zigzag do to Stanley while they are digging in one giant hole together?
(a) Dumps dirt on him.
(b) Gives him a wedgie.
(c) Hits him with a shovel.
(d) Punches him in the nose.

7. What does Stanley notice when he sees the boys line up for water?
(a) They shove to get to the front.
(b) They aren't concerned about getting there.
(c) They are in the same order as the day before.
(d) They are giggling.

8. Why was Mr. Walker given the name "Trout"?
(a) He was as bright as a fish.
(b) His lips looked like a fish.
(c) He swished his butt when he walked like a fish tail.
(d) His feet smelled like dead fish.

9. What is said to be true if a person can see the yellow spots on a yellow-spotted lizard?
(a) You can smell them.
(b) You are looking at their belly.
(c) You are already dead.
(d) You need to run.

10. What has Stanley been told he will win if he ever finds anything interesting while digging?
(a) An extra glass of water.
(b) The rest of the day off.
(c) An extra hour of sleep.
(d) An extra plate of food.

11. Where did X-Ray get his nickname?
(a) It is a joke among the boys.
(b) His mother.
(c) X-Ray correctly guessed what was in a metal box.
(d) Pig Latin.

12. What does Mr. Sir take Stanley to the warden for in Part 1, Chapter 20?
(a) Lying about where the lipstick was found.
(b) Stealing the water truck.
(c) Trying to run away.
(d) Stealing sunflower seeds.

13. Why does Zero say he did what he did to Stanley's hole while Stanley was away talking with the warden?
(a) Because he felt sorry for Stanley.
(b) Zero hates Mr. Sir.
(c) Zero loves to dig holes.
(d) Because Zero knew Stanley didn't steal the sneakers or the seeds.

14. What does the warden explain is the secret ingredient in her red nail polish?
(a) Snake blood.
(b) Snake venom.
(c) Scorpion venom.
(d) Lizard spit.

15. What tradition do the boys have after they finish every hole?
(a) To spit in it.
(b) To kick a pile of dirt back in it.
(c) To name it.
(d) To urinate in it.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Stanley find waiting for him when he gets back to camp in Part 1, Chapter 16?

2. Why did Madam Zeroni need someone to carry her to the top of the mountain?

3. What surprises Stanley when he sees the warden for the first time?

4. Who did something to Stanley's hole while Stanley was away talking with the warden?

5. What is Stanley's father's profession?

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