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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the warden have Mr. Pendanski do to punish him for not obeying her without question?
(a) Walk back to camp.
(b) Cook dinner for the boys.
(c) Act as a step stool.
(d) Dig Stanley's hole.

2. Who did something to Stanley's hole while Stanley was away talking with the warden?
(a) X-Ray ordered the other boys to dig it.
(b) Lumpy.
(c) Magnet.
(d) Zero.

3. What happened to Stanley's great-grandfather's fortune when he went out west?
(a) The government took it.
(b) It was stolen by Kissing Kate Barlow.
(c) It was taken by Indians.
(d) He lost it in the desert.

4. What does Stanley find odd about his hole when he returns to the dig site after Mr. Sir took him to get in trouble with the warden?
(a) There is a yellow-spotted lizard in it.
(b) Someone started filling it back in.
(c) Someone has already dug it.
(d) The other boys threw trash in it.

5. Who does Mr. Pendanski say the boys have to blame for being at camp?
(a) The failed judicial system.
(b) Themselves.
(c) Bad luck.
(d) Their parents.

6. What does a boy comment on that makes Mr. Sir angry and results in Mr. Sir physically abusing the boy?
(a) Mr. Sir's new dog.
(b) Mr. Sir's stitches.
(c) Mr. Sir's broken arm.
(d) Mr. Sir's swollen face.

7. How does Zigzag say the warden knows so much about the boys?
(a) Satellites.
(b) Evil gnomes.
(c) Microphones and cameras.
(d) Mr. Sir's detailed reports.

8. What happened to Barf Bag, aka Lewis, the boy who had previously occupied Stanley's cot?
(a) He won the lottery.
(b) He went home.
(c) He is in the hospital.
(d) He died.

9. What is not true about the yellow-spotted lizards?
(a) They have black teeth.
(b) They have red around their eyes.
(c) They eat sunflower seed shells.
(d) They have a yellow spotted tongue.

10. What does Zero give Stanley in return for teaching him something?
(a) Zero gives Stanley spanish lessons.
(b) Zero gives Stanley his clean socks.
(c) Zero digs Stanley's hole for an equal portion of teaching time.
(d) Zero gives Stanley some of his food.

11. What does Zero tell Stanley when Stanley asks him to not read over his shoulder?
(a) Zero can see Stanley's future.
(b) Zero can't read.
(c) Zero can't see that well.
(d) Zero wants someone to write to.

12. What does the warden tell Mr. Pendanski that he is doing wrong after she has brought blood on one of the boys?
(a) Giving them too many breaks.
(b) Giving them too much water.
(c) Working them too hard.
(d) Not working them hard enough.

13. What does Stanley find in the hole on the second day?
(a) A map.
(b) A nickel.
(c) An old shoe.
(d) A fossil of a fish.

14. Who does Stanley's family say is the cause of their bad luck?
(a) Stanley's great-great-grandfather.
(b) Madame Zeroni.
(c) Stanley's great-great-grandmother.
(d) Stanley's old girl friend.

15. What does Mr. Sir do when Stanley comes to have his canteen filled with water?
(a) Pours Stanley's water on the ground.
(b) Spits in Stanley's water.
(c) Gives Stanley's water to X-Ray.
(d) Refuses to give Stanley any water.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Stanley notice when he sees the boys line up for water?

2. Why does Stanley have a harder time digging the second day?

3. What does the warden poke Armpit with while he is on a bathroom break?

4. What is on the object Stanley finds while digging on the third day?

5. Who does the warden have fill the canteens after Mr. Pendanski hesitated?

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