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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 2: Chapters 35, 36, 37, and 38.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Zigzag say the warden knows so much about the boys?
(a) Evil gnomes.
(b) Mr. Sir's detailed reports.
(c) Microphones and cameras.
(d) Satellites.

2. Mr. Sir has a tattoo of ________.
(a) A skull and bones.
(b) The word "mom".
(c) A scorpion.
(d) A rattlesnake.

3. What did the sheriff tell Kate that he always got drunk before?
(a) A hanging.
(b) He gets a kiss.
(c) A dance.
(d) His town meeting.

4. What does the warden have Mr. Pendanski do to punish him for not obeying her without question?
(a) Walk back to camp.
(b) Cook dinner for the boys.
(c) Act as a step stool.
(d) Dig Stanley's hole.

5. Who was the first person that Kate kissed after she killed them, starting the name "Kissing Kate Barlow" and her life as an outlaw?
(a) Mr. Sir.
(b) Trout Walker.
(c) The Sheriff.
(d) Hattie Parker.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Mr. Pendanski tell Stanley to do when Zigzag is taunting him in Part 2?

2. What is Stanley's biggest fear about dying?

3. What do Stanley and Zero joke is waiting for them on the top of the mountain?

4. Where had Stanley's great-grandfather said that he found refuge when he was left in the desert for 17 days?

5. Who does the warden pair Stanley with?

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