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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 2: Chapters 45, 46, and 47.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does X-Ray tell Stanley to do when they line up for water in Part 1, Chapter 13?
(a) Move ahead of Zero.
(b) Take X-Ray's cantine and fill it.
(c) Go back to work.
(d) Go to the front of the line.

2. Why does the warden lose interest in the digging project?
(a) The digging is too hot.
(b) She gets tired of being dirty.
(c) The boys are digging too slow.
(d) Nothing else is found.

3. Mr. Sir has a tattoo of ________.
(a) A rattlesnake.
(b) The word "mom".
(c) A skull and bones.
(d) A scorpion.

4. Who does the warden have fill the canteens after Mr. Pendanski hesitated?
(a) Mr. Sir.
(b) Stanley.
(c) Zero.
(d) X-Ray.

5. What nickname is Stanley given after he has dug his first hole?
(a) Mole.
(b) Wimp.
(c) Short-stuff.
(d) Caveman.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who appears when the Zero and Stanley unearth a large metal case?

2. What does Stanley do as Zero drifts off to sleep on the mountain?

3. What does Mr. Pendanski do because Mr. Sir refuses to give Stanley a fair share of water?

4. What does Stanley pretend Camp Green Lake is to make it more enjoyable?

5. What stops the warden from taking the large metal case from the boys in Part 2, Chapter 45?

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