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Jack Gantos
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Short Answer Questions

1. What was stashed right by the hash in Hamilton and Gantos's boat in Section 2, Chapter 4?

2. In what state was Gantos's father when he visited Gantos in prison in Section 3, Chapter 6?

3. Where was the bunk that Gantos chose in the holding cell?

4. Who had held Gantos's money for him during his incarceration?

5. When Gantos viewed his own medical file in Section 3, Chapter 6, he saw that his case worker had called him __________________.

Short Essay Questions

1. Where did Gantos go after his prison release in Section 3, Chapter 7? Where did he live and work?

2. What did Gantos learn about the charges against him in Section 3, Chapter 1?

3. When was Gantos released from prison in Section 3, Chapter 7? What were the conditions of his release?

4. Where did Gantos and his peers stay while in New York in Section 2, Chapter 4? How does the author describe this setting?

5. How did Gantos help a prisoner who had swallowed hash in Section 3, Chapter 5? How was he rewarded?

6. What does Gantos write of "getting caught" stories in Section 2, Chapter 4?

7. What was Gantos allowed to take with him when he left prison in Section 3, Chapter 7? What was he not allowed to take?

8. What happened at Gantos's parole board hearing in Section 3, Chapter 5?

9. How did Gantos feel after his father and brother visited him inebriated in Section 3, Chapter 6?

10. Discuss the sexual violence described in Section 3, Chapter 3. How did Gantos avoid rape?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Describe the final route of Gantos and Hamilton into New York, and discuss their plans with Rik upon docking. Where were the men to meet up? Had Gantos been to New York before? How does he describe it? What did Gantos fear most? Were his fears justified? Why or why not?

Essay Topic 2

Discuss the setting of St. Croix in the early 1970s and the business of John Gantos. Why was the business failing in St. Croix? What led to the uprisings? How did Gantos feel upon his arrival? How much hope did Gantos have for building money for college in this situation? What did the family hope to do?

Essay Topic 3

Discuss and analyze the figure of Hamilton in the narrative. Where was Hamilton from? What was his full name? How experienced was Hamilton with smuggling? How experienced was he working with sailboats? How did Hamilton react to Jack's inexperience?

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