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Jack Gantos
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Short Answer Questions

1. Gantos's attorney informed him that on the day after turning himself in he was to meet with whom?

2. In Section 3, Chapter 8, the author writes that years later, he retrieved the ship's log, but he laments he has never retrieved what?

3. Gantos admitted he never paid taxes on ______________.

4. Who mailed Gantos's college applications from his home so that he could avoid a Department of Corrections stamp in Section 3, Chapter 7?

5. Where did Hamilton and Gantos find a docking point in Section 2, Chapter 4?

Short Essay Questions

1. Where did Gantos go after his prison release in Section 3, Chapter 7? Where did he live and work?

2. How did Gantos's new case worker help him earn early parole in Section 3, Chapter 7?

3. What position did Gantos secure in the hospital after he was cleared of lice?

4. Describe the meeting with the first buyer in Section 2, Chapter 4. What were Gantos's fears and how did he act on them?

5. What was Gantos's trip to New York like in Section 3, Chapter 1? What information did he learn?

6. What was Gantos allowed to take with him when he left prison in Section 3, Chapter 7? What was he not allowed to take?

7. What did Gantos discover when he read his own medical file in Section 3, Chapter 6? How did he react?

8. How did Gantos feel after his father and brother visited him inebriated in Section 3, Chapter 6?

9. Describe the bust by the FBI in Section 2, Chapter 4. How did Gantos escape?

10. What did Gantos do when he realized he was likely going to prison in Section 3, Chapter 2?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Define, identify and analyze the foreshadowing in Section 2, Chapter 4. What sense did Gantos and Hamilton get upon realizing their boat had been moved? How does the author use this incident to raise suspense in the narrative?

Essay Topic 2

Discuss the setting of St. Croix in the early 1970s and the business of John Gantos. Why was the business failing in St. Croix? What led to the uprisings? How did Gantos feel upon his arrival? How much hope did Gantos have for building money for college in this situation? What did the family hope to do?

Essay Topic 3

Describe and discuss the figure of Rik in the narrative and Gantos' agreement to smuggle the hash into New York. How did Gantos feel about the dangers he faced? Why did he choose to make the risk? What did he hope to attain in escaping St. Croix?

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