Objects & Places from Hole in My Life

Jack Gantos
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This name referred to men in prison who thrived on pain and suffering.

Puerto Rico

This is the location where Gantos first began drinking and where he worked as an electrician instead of heading to school.

Fort Lauderdale

This is a city in Florida where Gantos finished high school.

The King's Court

This is the location where Gantos found himself living during his senior year in high school.


This is a drug much like marijuana that Gantos helps traffic from St. Croix to New York.

St. Croix

This island is where Gantos began his journey into drug smuggling.

New York

This is the city where Gantos arrived and helped to sell drugs in order to earn money for college.

West Street Federal Holding Prison

This is the facility where Gantos was first taken following his sentencing.

Asland, Kentucky

This is the location of the federal prison...

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