Hole in My Life Character Descriptions

Jack Gantos
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Jack Gantos

This is the narrator of the book and the subject of this autobiography.


This was a man in his late twenties that requested that the narrator make a crate for him that had a false bottom.


This was a British man, between forty and fifty years of age, who helped to sail the ships that carried drugs around the world.

Mr. Gantos (Jack's Dad)

This was a hard working individual who moved his family from town to town as he changed positions, and he seemed to think more highly of work than education.

Tim Scanlon

This was a friend of the narrator's from the grocery store where he worked during high school.

Mr. Wilcox

This was the narrator's original caseworker when he entered the federal prison system.

Mr. Casey

This was a young, bright caseworker assigned to the narrator's case after the retirement of...

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