Hole in My Life Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Jack Gantos
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Section 1: Chapter 1 and Chapter 2

• In Section 1, Chapter 1, Gantos now admits the prisoner photograph on the front cover of the book is him, taken when he was twenty-one in a federal prison.

• Gantos discusses several incidents of violence in prison, and notes that his childhood was in no way filled with such violence.

• Looking back now, Gantos realizes that prison was where he needed to go in order to change his life; he became a writer through his ordeal, something he had dreamed about as a child.
• In Section 1, Chapter 2, Gantos explains he was a junior in high school when his family moved to San Juan; because Gantos could not attend school, he began working as an electrician.

• Gantos was given access to alcohol, gambling, and a free lifestyle. Soon, he began dreaming of becoming a writer and of finishing school.

• Gantos's parents sent him back to Fort Lauderdale...

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