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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which of the following methods do the dwarves not use in an attempt to open the secret door before the keyhole is revealed?
(a) Throwing loose rocks at the cliff face.
(b) Reciting spells that can open locked doors.
(c) Using pickaxes to break through the stone.
(d) Beating on the stone and pushing at the cliff face.

2. What does Bilbo deduce from seeing the smoke and steam issuing from the Front Gate?
(a) That the dragon has set himself on fire.
(b) That the dragon is watching them from the side of the mountain.
(c) That the dragon is alive.
(d) That the dragon is getting ready to come out and eat them.

3. For whom was the armor Bilbo is rewarded with in Chapter 13 originally made?
(a) A young elf prince.
(b) The bride of the King Under the Mountain.
(c) Thorin when he was younger.
(d) Bullroarer Took as a reward for killing the goblin chieftain.

4. Why is Bilbo unhappy during their stay in Laketown?
(a) He does not like the food that the Lake-men offer them.
(b) He is suspicious about the possible motives of the Master.
(c) He has a bad cold.
(d) He still wishes he was back in his hobbit-hole.

5. What does Thorin take as armor and weapons from the hoard of Smaug's treasure?
(a) A coat of gold-plated rings, an axe with a silver haft and a belt encrusted with scarlet stones.
(b) Silver armour, a belt set with rubies and a black mace set with diamonds.
(c) Spears with the heads inlaid with gold, an emerald-studded shield and a crown.
(d) A coat of silver mail, a helmet encrusted with diamonds and an ivory bow.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why is the King of the Wood Elves wiser than the men of Laketown?

2. What mistaken belief is held by the younger people of Laketown?

3. How does Bilbo know that the gem he stumbles across is the Arkenstone?

4. How old is Roac the raven?

5. What treasures are placed on Thorin's body and/or tomb when he is buried?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe what the Master of Laketown is like in your own words.

2. How is Bilbo able to take and hide the Arkenstone without the dwarves knowing?

3. Why does Bilbo give the Arkenstone to Bard the Bowman?

4. Why does Smaug laugh when Bilbo tells him that revenge is one of the motives of their quest?

5. How does Bilbo's attitude differ from that of the dwarves in Chapter 9?

6. What effect does the sight of the treasure have on the dwarves?

7. Why does Thorin refuse to share the treasure with Bard and his allies and treat them with hostility?

8. Explain the meaning of the ambiguous or riddling answers Bilbo gives to Smaug to avoid revealing his name to the dragon (and thus giving the dragon power over him)?

9. What details are given in Chapter 11 as hints to an alert reader that the one chance of finding the keyhole is about to present itself?

10. What advice does Roac the raven give to Thorin in this Chapters 15 & 16?

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