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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Apart from the dragon, what other animals live inside the Lonely Mountain?
(a) Spiders
(b) Nothing
(c) Snails
(d) Bats

2. How high is the doorway that leads into the secret tunnel in Chapter 11?
(a) Three feet high.
(b) Five feet high.
(c) Six feet high.
(d) We are not told.

3. Why do the people of Lake-town destroy the bridges as a defense against the onslaught of the dragon?
(a) The dragon can then only attack them from the air (which makes him vulnerable to arrows) or have his fire quenched by the cold water of the lake.
(b) They are attempting to fool the dragon into thinking they have left the town.
(c) The Master ordered them to do so in the hopes that his rival, Bard, would be killed.
(d) The bridges are the only part of the town that is vulnerable to dragon-fire.

4. How does Bilbo manage to recognize Thorin after freeing him from the barrel?
(a) By his long nose and bristling beard.
(b) By his blue hood with the silver tassel and by his golden chain.
(c) By a distinctive scar left from his encounter with Smaug in the distant past.
(d) By his red cloak, black boots and dark green tunic

5. What do the dwarves of the Iron Hills wear that is their special technological secret?
(a) Helmets made of mithril.
(b) Knee-length hauberks of stainless steel.
(c) Flexible mail trousers or hose.
(d) Seven-league boots that help them cover long distances quickly.

6. For whom was the armor Bilbo is rewarded with in Chapter 13 originally made?
(a) Thorin when he was younger.
(b) Bullroarer Took as a reward for killing the goblin chieftain.
(c) The bride of the King Under the Mountain.
(d) A young elf prince.

7. Who is supposed to be on watch when Bilbo steals out of the stronghold to the elves and Lakemen?
(a) Bombur.
(b) Kili.
(c) Thorin.
(d) Dwalin.

8. What colors is Smaug?
(a) Red and gold.
(b) Red and black.
(c) Green and gold.
(d) Red and green.

9. Which dwarf is not present on the Doorstep when the door is finally opened?
(a) Thorin.
(b) Bombur.
(c) Balin.
(d) Gloin.

10. What phase of the moon is showing when Bilbo realizes that Durin's Day has come and they can find the keyhole?
(a) A half moon.
(b) A waning crescent.
(c) A full moon.
(d) A new moon.

11. What had Fili's barrel been used to carry before he escaped inside it?
(a) Butter.
(b) Wine.
(c) Cheese.
(d) Apples.

12. What mistaken belief is held by the younger people of Laketown?
(a) They believe that Thorin is not the rightful King Under the Mountain.
(b) They believe that the dragon does not exist.
(c) They believe that the river will flow with gold once the King Under the Mountain returns.
(d) They believe that the dragon is harmless and even friendly.

13. What gift does Bard the Bowman give to the Elvenking?
(a) All the crowns that could be found in Smaug's treasure.
(b) The emeralds that had belonged to King Girion of Dale.
(c) A chest full of diamonds.
(d) The rubies that had belonged to Bard's ancestors.

14. Why can Bard understand the speech of the thrush?
(a) The thrush spoke Bard's native language.
(b) It was a special, magical thrush that could make any human that spoke to it understand.
(c) He has studied the language of birds and is used to it.
(d) His ancestors came from Dale, where the people had the power of understanding the speech of birds.

15. What skills or interests does the Master have that have made him the ruler of Laketown?
(a) His excellent memory and people skills.
(b) His economic expertise.
(c) His knowledge of the Elvish languages.
(d) His love of old songs.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the other name for the Arkenstone?

2. What did Smaug meet in his nightmare before he wakes up?

3. What unexpected news does Bilbo give the elves and Lakemen?

4. How can the dwarves and Bilbo reach the third camp outside the 'doorstep'?

5. Which of the following does Thorin not threaten to do to Bilbo in Chapter 17?

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