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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Gollum get from his island to the shore of the lake?
(a) He swims, as he is an excellent swimmer.
(b) His ring helps him walk across the surface of the water.
(c) He rides on the back of blind fish.
(d) He paddles a little boat.

2. What phase of the moon is showing when Elrond studies the map?
(a) A new moon.
(b) A gibbous moon.
(c) A crescent moon.
(d) A full moon.

3. Why can't the dwarves hear the goblins coming?
(a) The dwarves are talking too loudly.
(b) The goblins have made themselves invisible.
(c) The echoes inside the caves are too confusing.
(d) The goblins are wearing soft shoes.

4. Where are the elves hiding when they sing nonsense songs to welcome the adventurers to Rivendell?
(a) Beside the stream.
(b) Under the narrow stone bridge.
(c) In trees beside the path.
(d) On the roof of Rivendell.

5. Which of the following is not a change that the adventurers notice after encountering the hunt and the white deer?
(a) They begin to hear singing and laughter in the distance.
(b) They see autumn leaves beginning to fall from the trees.
(c) They start to see and hear birds in the branches above them.
(d) The shadows in the forest do not seem as deep or dark.

6. What sort of elves have taken Thorin prisoner?
(a) Sea Elves.
(b) Wood Elves.
(c) Deep Elves.
(d) Light Elves.

7. What was the final fate of the ponies?
(a) They starved to death.
(b) The goblins ate them.
(c) The goblins used them to draw carts in the mines.
(d) They escaped back to Rivendell.

8. Which dwarf has a smoke-ring blowing competition or game with Gandalf?
(a) Thorin.
(b) Balin.
(c) Bifur.
(d) Gloin.

9. What reward do the dwarves give to the eagles at the end of the adventures?
(a) Specially designed spurs of steel that will help them fight agains the goblins better.
(b) A magnificent necklace set with rubies and emeralds.
(c) A wagon load of silver and gold.
(d) A golden crown for the Lord of Eagles and golden collars for his fifteen chieftans.

10. What was the name of Bilbo's mother?
(a) Rosemary Took.
(b) Bluebell Belladonna.
(c) Belladonna Took.
(d) Lobelia Sackville-Baggins.

11. Who made the map that Gandalf gives to Thorin?
(a) Dain.
(b) The Necromancer.
(c) Thrain.
(d) Thror.

12. What does Bilbo think the eagles will do to him at first?
(a) He hopes that they will give him a meal.
(b) He is afraid they will drop him over the edge of their eyrie.
(c) He thinks they will give him back to the goblins.
(d) He thinks they plan to eat him.

13. What is the answer to Bilbo's first riddle?
(a) Teeth.
(b) The wind.
(c) White horses.
(d) A mountain.

14. What do the goblins use to beat time while they sing?
(a) Footsteps and whips.
(b) Drums and gongs.
(c) Cymbals and tamborines.
(d) Hammers and tongs.

15. On what day does Elrond read the runes on the swords and on the map?
(a) Midsummer's Eve.
(b) Midsummer morning.
(c) Bilbo's birthday.
(d) The autumn equinox.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Elrond dislike about dwarves?

2. Which of the following devices do the goblins not make (or have made for them)?

3. After they have defeated the spiders, who do the adventurers discover is missing?

4. Which pair of dwarves are the youngest?

5. Which dwarf has to come to Beorn's house alone?

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