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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What color is Bilbo's front door into his hobbit hole?
(a) Blue.
(b) Brown.
(c) Yellow.
(d) Green.

2. Where did Gollum live before coming to the underground lake?
(a) On the top of a windy mountain.
(b) Nowhere - he has always lived on his island.
(c) With the goblins, but he was banished after he ate one of them.
(d) With his grandmother in a hole in a bank beside a river.

3. What is the answer to Bilbo's first riddle?
(a) The wind.
(b) White horses.
(c) Teeth.
(d) A mountain.

4. How does Beorn find out that Gandalf's story is true?
(a) He finds the burnt wolf-glade and also forces a captive warg and goblin to tell him.
(b) His bees bring him the news.
(c) The Lord of the Eagles tells him.
(d) He finds the dead body of the Great Goblin.

5. What is the name of Gandalf's cousin?
(a) Radagast.
(b) Saruman.
(c) Mithrandir.
(d) Elrond.

6. What does Bilbo not tell the dwarves about his adventures inside the tunnels?
(a) That Gollum wanted to eat him if he lost the riddle contest.
(b) That he now has a ring that makes him invisible when he puts it on.
(c) That his little sword is an elvish blade like Glamdring and Orcrist.
(d) That he had pity on Gollum and did not kill him when he had the chance.

7. What reward do the dwarves give to the eagles at the end of the adventures?
(a) Specially designed spurs of steel that will help them fight agains the goblins better.
(b) A golden crown for the Lord of Eagles and golden collars for his fifteen chieftans.
(c) A magnificent necklace set with rubies and emeralds.
(d) A wagon load of silver and gold.

8. What was the final fate of the ponies?
(a) The goblins ate them.
(b) The goblins used them to draw carts in the mines.
(c) They escaped back to Rivendell.
(d) They starved to death.

9. What is unusual or rare about Elrond's ancestry?
(a) He is half human and half hobbit.
(b) He is half elf and half human.
(c) He is half elf and half goblin.
(d) He is half human and half goblin.

10. What musical instrument does Thorin Oakenshield play?
(a) A flute.
(b) A fiddle.
(c) A harp.
(d) A clarinet.

11. What does Bilbo learn about his sword in Chapter 5?
(a) It is an elvish blade like Glamdring and Orcrist.
(b) He can use it like a match to make fire.
(c) It acts as a compass so he does not lose his sense of direction.
(d) It helps him see in the dark.

12. On what day does Elrond read the runes on the swords and on the map?
(a) Bilbo's birthday.
(b) Midsummer's Eve.
(c) The autumn equinox.
(d) Midsummer morning.

13. Who carries Bilbo at first as they try to escape from the mines after Gandalf kills the Great Goblin?
(a) Dori.
(b) Nori.
(c) Dwalin.
(d) Ori.

14. Which dwarf puts up the most fight when the trolls try to capture him?
(a) Gloin.
(b) Thorin.
(c) Balin.
(d) Bombur.

15. How does Beorn react to the dwarves' talk of gold, silver and jewels?
(a) He is angry and perplexed at their greed.
(b) He is intrigued and starts becoming greedy for a share of the treasure.
(c) He ignores them, as he has no interest in treasures.
(d) He is amazed at the skill the dwarves talk about.

Short Answer Questions

1. What color is Thorin's hood?

2. Who is the first to see the lights from the elves' feast?

3. What does Bilbo see at nightfall as they travel towards Mirkwood?

4. Who made the map that Gandalf gives to Thorin?

5. What is Gandalf's last piece of advice before he leaves the dwarves and Bilbo?

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