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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Bilbo see at nightfall as they travel towards Mirkwood?
(a) A great black bear (Beorn in his animal shape) following them.
(b) Spies and servants of the Necromancer.
(c) The borrowed ponies trying to escape.
(d) Wargs and goblins trying to sneak past Beorn's borders.

2. What is the goblin name for Thorin's sword?
(a) Beater.
(b) Thunderbolt.
(c) Biter.
(d) Murderer.

3. Which of the following is not a name for the trolls?
(a) William.
(b) Tom.
(c) Bert.
(d) Sam.

4. How many goblins grab Bilbo?
(a) None - Bilbo escapes.
(b) Two.
(c) Six.
(d) Thirty.

5. What is Gandalf's last piece of advice before he leaves the dwarves and Bilbo?
(a) Keep going straight ahead, no matter what happens.
(b) Don't leave the path.
(c) Don't go near the Necromancer's tower.
(d) You must either go through or give up the quest.

6. What color is Thorin's hood?
(a) Green.
(b) Yellow and orange.
(c) Sky blue.
(d) Scarlet.

7. What animals do the adventurers see quite frequently in the early stages of their journey through Mirkwood?
(a) Poisonous snakes.
(b) Deer.
(c) Wild boars.
(d) Black squirrels.

8. Who made the map that Gandalf gives to Thorin?
(a) Thror.
(b) The Necromancer.
(c) Thrain.
(d) Dain.

9. What does Bilbo's handwriting look like?
(a) Cunning and cryptic.
(b) Flowing and beautiful.
(c) Thin and spidery.
(d) Crabbed and rather clumsy.

10. What does Bilbo try to steal from the trolls?
(a) A jug of beer.
(b) A purse.
(c) A pony.
(d) A dagger.

11. What does Bilbo learn about his sword in Chapter 5?
(a) It acts as a compass so he does not lose his sense of direction.
(b) It is an elvish blade like Glamdring and Orcrist.
(c) It helps him see in the dark.
(d) He can use it like a match to make fire.

12. What does Gollum eat?
(a) Fish and mushrooms.
(b) Fish and goblins.
(c) Ponies and goblins.
(d) Bats and spiders.

13. What animals set up the dinner table and light the lamps in Beorn's hall?
(a) Bears, boars and oxen.
(b) Sheep, cattle and cats.
(c) Ponies, dogs and sheep.
(d) Bees, eagles and enslaved wolves.

14. What is the name of Gandalf's cousin?
(a) Mithrandir.
(b) Elrond.
(c) Saruman.
(d) Radagast.

15. What is the name of the inn where the dwarves meet Bilbo in Chapter 2?
(a) The Bridge and Bottle.
(b) The Green Dragon.
(c) The Golden Perch.
(d) The Prancing Pony.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which of the following does not happen when one of the adventurers steps into the ring of lights surrounding the elves' feast?

2. What do the goblins use to beat time while they sing?

3. What colors of flame does Gandalf use to drive the wolves back with?

4. What is unusual or rare about Elrond's ancestry?

5. Who is the first to see the lights from the elves' feast?

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