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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 16.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why is the magic ring unable to protect the wearer from the wargs?
(a) Wargs are magical, and the ring does not work on them.
(b) Wargs can still see the wearer's shadow, even by moonlight.
(c) Wargs can find the wearer by their sense of smell.
(d) Wargs have especially keen hearing.

2. How does Bilbo manage to recognize Thorin after freeing him from the barrel?
(a) By his blue hood with the silver tassel and by his golden chain.
(b) By a distinctive scar left from his encounter with Smaug in the distant past.
(c) By his red cloak, black boots and dark green tunic
(d) By his long nose and bristling beard.

3. What does Bilbo take from the trolls' hoard of loot?
(a) A pot full of gold coins.
(b) A large, clumsy key.
(c) A knife big enough to serve him as a short sword.
(d) A long beautiful sword in a jewelled scabbard.

4. Who is supposed to be on watch when Bilbo steals out of the stronghold to the elves and Lakemen?
(a) Thorin.
(b) Bombur.
(c) Dwalin.
(d) Kili.

5. What is the most common building material used in Laketown?
(a) Stone.
(b) Wood.
(c) Rammed earth.
(d) Iron.

Short Answer Questions

1. What small creatures does Bilbo find at the top of the oak tree in Chapter 8?

2. How do the dwarves manage to obtain three ponies in Chapter 15?

3. What is another name for the Dwarves' New Year?

4. What does Gloin say about Bilbo that enrages Bilbo so much that he overcomes his fears and joins the adventurers?

5. What first alerts the Lord of the Eagles to the events in the wood?

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