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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 13.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the name of the inn where the dwarves meet Bilbo in Chapter 2?
(a) The Golden Perch.
(b) The Bridge and Bottle.
(c) The Prancing Pony.
(d) The Green Dragon.

2. What is Beorn doing when Gandalf and Bilbo arrive at his house?
(a) Shearing sheep.
(b) Extracting honey from his hives.
(c) Churning butter.
(d) Chopping wood.

3. What do the goblins use to beat time while they sing?
(a) Hammers and tongs.
(b) Footsteps and whips.
(c) Cymbals and tamborines.
(d) Drums and gongs.

4. For whom was the armor Bilbo is rewarded with in Chapter 13 originally made?
(a) The bride of the King Under the Mountain.
(b) Thorin when he was younger.
(c) Bullroarer Took as a reward for killing the goblin chieftain.
(d) A young elf prince.

5. Why is Bilbo unhappy during their stay in Laketown?
(a) He still wishes he was back in his hobbit-hole.
(b) He is suspicious about the possible motives of the Master.
(c) He has a bad cold.
(d) He does not like the food that the Lake-men offer them.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Bilbo manage to recognize Thorin after freeing him from the barrel?

2. Why do the goblins not find Bilbo after he is knocked unconscious?

3. What animals set up the dinner table and light the lamps in Beorn's hall?

4. What skills or interests does the Master have that have made him the ruler of Laketown?

5. What is Thorin considering doing when he learns that the other dwarves are also in prison with him?

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