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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 13.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What foodstuffs do the adventurers take from the troll's cave for breakfast?
(a) Cheese, eggs, sausages, and tomatoes.
(b) Ale, bread, cheese and bacon.
(c) Mutton bones, mince pies and sausages.
(d) Bacon, beer, rabbit pie, and apples.

2. What does Gollum call the ring?
(a) My precious.
(b) My hiding place.
(c) My special secret.
(d) My birthday present.

3. What is obviously magical about Gandalf's sword Glamdring (Foe-hammer)?
(a) It cannot be taken out of the owner's hand unless the owner is killed.
(b) It becomes invisible when the owner is in danger.
(c) It emits a high-pitched screeching sound when it kills goblins.
(d) It burns blue when goblins are nearby.

4. Which dwarf has a smoke-ring blowing competition or game with Gandalf?
(a) Thorin.
(b) Gloin.
(c) Balin.
(d) Bifur.

5. What is the first landmark feature that Bilbo notices as the barrel he is riding takes him out of the forest?
(a) The Iron Hills to the northeast of the lake.
(b) The Long Lake.
(c) A landslide.
(d) The Lonely Mountain.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which of the following is not a change that the adventurers notice after encountering the hunt and the white deer?

2. What does Bilbo see at nightfall as they travel towards Mirkwood?

3. Which dwarf is not present on the Doorstep when the door is finally opened?

4. What does Bilbo learn about his sword in Chapter 5?

5. Which troll catches Bilbo in Chapter 2?

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