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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 9.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Gandalf's last piece of advice before he leaves the dwarves and Bilbo?
(a) Don't leave the path.
(b) You must either go through or give up the quest.
(c) Don't go near the Necromancer's tower.
(d) Keep going straight ahead, no matter what happens.

2. What is the Elf King's crown made of during autumn (fall)?
(a) Silver and white gems.
(b) Berries and red leaves.
(c) Oak leaves and acorns.
(d) Gold and emeralds.

3. What colors of flame does Gandalf use to drive the wolves back with?
(a) Blue, white and purple.
(b) Red, yellow and orange.
(c) Green, black and white.
(d) Blue, red and green.

4. What does Bilbo see at nightfall as they travel towards Mirkwood?
(a) A great black bear (Beorn in his animal shape) following them.
(b) The borrowed ponies trying to escape.
(c) Wargs and goblins trying to sneak past Beorn's borders.
(d) Spies and servants of the Necromancer.

5. What does Bilbo learn about his sword in Chapter 5?
(a) It helps him see in the dark.
(b) It acts as a compass so he does not lose his sense of direction.
(c) He can use it like a match to make fire.
(d) It is an elvish blade like Glamdring and Orcrist.

Short Answer Questions

1. What game or sport was accidentally invented by Bilbo's ancestor Bullroarer Took?

2. Who is carrying Bilbo when the goblins find them for the second time?

3. What was the final fate of the ponies?

4. What color is Bilbo's front door into his hobbit hole?

5. Where did Gollum live before coming to the underground lake?

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