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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 9.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In Chapter 9, with whom does the chief guard get drunk?
(a) The men who guided the barrels up the river.
(b) The king's butler.
(c) The other guards.
(d) The Elf King.

2. What is another name for the Dwarves' New Year?
(a) The Hunter's Moon.
(b) The Threshold of Winter.
(c) The Day of the Thrush.
(d) Durin's Day.

3. Which dwarf has to come to Beorn's house alone?
(a) Dwalin.
(b) Bombur.
(c) Thorin.
(d) Dori.

4. Who does Bilbo see first after escaping Gollum and the dark tunnels?
(a) Gandalf.
(b) Balin.
(c) Bombur.
(d) Gollum.

5. What reward do the dwarves give to the eagles at the end of the adventures?
(a) A magnificent necklace set with rubies and emeralds.
(b) Specially designed spurs of steel that will help them fight agains the goblins better.
(c) A wagon load of silver and gold.
(d) A golden crown for the Lord of Eagles and golden collars for his fifteen chieftans.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which troll catches Bilbo in Chapter 2?

2. Who is supposed to ride in the boat with Bombur?

3. What is mostly transported by river inside the barrels from the people of Laketown to the Wood Elves?

4. What colors of flame does Gandalf use to drive the wolves back with?

5. What wakes Bilbo up from his sleep after he realizes he is alone in Chapter 8, after coming across the elves' feast?

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