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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 3.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who made the map that Gandalf gives to Thorin?
(a) Thrain.
(b) The Necromancer.
(c) Thror.
(d) Dain.

2. Where does Bilbo hide while the trolls are fighting and arguing?
(a) In a tree trunk.
(b) Under a sack.
(c) In the trolls' cave.
(d) In a bush.

3. What does Bilbo take from the trolls' hoard of loot?
(a) A knife big enough to serve him as a short sword.
(b) A large, clumsy key.
(c) A long beautiful sword in a jewelled scabbard.
(d) A pot full of gold coins.

4. What is another name for the Dwarves' New Year?
(a) The Hunter's Moon.
(b) The Threshold of Winter.
(c) The Day of the Thrush.
(d) Durin's Day.

5. Which pair of dwarves are the youngest?
(a) Oin and Gloin.
(b) Dori and Nori.
(c) Balin and Dwalin.
(d) Fili and Kili.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which dwarf has a smoke-ring blowing competition or game with Gandalf?

2. Whose hood and cloak does Bilbo borrow?

3. Where are the elves hiding when they sing nonsense songs to welcome the adventurers to Rivendell?

4. What was the name of Bilbo's mother?

5. What color is Thorin's hood?

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