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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What problems, if any, does the inspection of the H.M.S. Surprise uncover?
(a) Silver is missing from the captain's quarters.
(b) The inspection doesn't find any problems.
(c) The stored sails begin to mold.
(d) Stanhope's official papers are missing.

2. When does Aubrey first go ashore at Minorca?
(a) Late afternoon.
(b) Waits until noon.
(c) Under cover of the night.
(d) At first morning light.

3. What history, if any, does Aubrey have with the H.M.S. Surprise?
(a) He's never heard of the vessel.
(b) He hears the H.M.S. Surprise is bad luck.
(c) He serves on the vessel when he is younger.
(d) H.M.S. Surprise is another blockade vessel.

4. In chapter one, what is the assignment of H.M.S. Lively?
(a) Escorting the captured Spanish vessels.
(b) Leading an attack on the Spanish.
(c) Blockading the French.
(d) Going to India.

5. What is Nicolls' general state of mind when he takes the side trip with Maturin?
(a) He is in despair.
(b) He is enthusiastic about the voyage.
(c) He is anxious to further his career.
(d) He is unhappy with Aubrey's treatment of him.

Short Answer Questions

1. At the close of chapter three, what symbol of peace does Aubrey return to?

2. From what disorder does Aubrey think some of the men are suffering?

3. Where does Aubrey meet with Sophie when he leaves the Grapes?

4. When church services are held on Sunday in chapter 5, who preaches the sermon?

5. Who is set to take the place of Sir Joseph who is retiring?

Short Essay Questions

1. If the sea can represent peace to someone like Aubrey, how are the results of the terrible storm ironic?

2. Why is Nicolls almost inconsolable?

3. What details does Aubrey omit from his letter to Sophie about the land raid he and the crew perform while headed for Minorca?

4. What is the condition of the prisoner Maturin when Aubrey's crew take him away from the prison?

5. How does Maturin react to the prospect of collecting biological specimens?

6. How is Maturin an advocate for Aubrey concerning the H.M.S. Surprise?

7. During Aubrey's problems in chapter four, how does the relationship between Mrs. Williams and Sophie fare?

8. Describe the encounter between Aubrey's crew members and the French guard detail at the prison.

9. What set of circumstance allows Aubrey and some of his crew easy access to the French controlled Port Mahon?

10. Why does Maturin discuss Captain Jack Aubrey with Sophie?

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