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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Whom do Aubrey and his men plan to free at Port Mahon?
(a) Only Maturin.
(b) Chinese prisoners.
(c) Sailors captured the night before.
(d) All prisoners held by the French.

2. What close friend do Sophie and Dr. Stephen Maturin have in common?
(a) First Lord of the Lords Commissioners.
(b) Sophie's sister Cecilia.
(c) Admiral Harte.
(d) Jack Aubrey.

3. What becomes of the biological specimens collected on the rocks?
(a) Maturin tosses them into the sea.
(b) Maturin protects them under the capsized boat.
(c) Almost all are lost.
(d) Maturin stores them in a small cave.

4. On the way to the reunion with H.M.S. Lively's regular captain, Aubrey is supposed to rendezvous with whom?
(a) Maturin.
(b) Unknown British spy.
(c) Sir Joseph Blain.
(d) Sophia.

5. At the beginning of the book, with whom is Dr. Stephen Maturin recently involved romantically?
(a) A secret romantic interest.
(b) Sophie's sister.
(c) Sophie.
(d) Diana Villiers.

6. What French information that Aubrey acquires aids in his sailing into Port Mahon?
(a) He uses the French map smuggled by Maturin.
(b) Captured French sailor reveals secret codes.
(c) He uses a code book from a captured French gunboat.
(d) Maragall sends the prison location through a native boy.

7. While traveling under the new orders, where does Aubrey engage in a skirmish with the French?
(a) The coast of Egypt.
(b) At a fortress near Cape Gooseberry.
(c) At Gibraltar.
(d) Harbor south of London.

8. How many of the French soldiers guarding the prisoners at Port Mahon escape harm?
(a) Only the prison commander dies.
(b) Only two guards are wounded.
(c) All French are killed.
(d) One French officer gets away.

9. In chapter one, what is the assignment of H.M.S. Lively?
(a) Going to India.
(b) Blockading the French.
(c) Leading an attack on the Spanish.
(d) Escorting the captured Spanish vessels.

10. How do Maturin's travel plans in chapter four involve Mr. Stanhope?
(a) Stanhope is the steward assigned to Aubrey.
(b) Stanhope is the envoy going to Kampong.
(c) Maturin hires Mr. Stanhope for the voyage.
(d) Stanhope will captain Maturin's vessel.

11. Captain Jack Aubrey leaves the blockade when ordered to go where?
(a) To India.
(b) Back to England.
(c) To Minorca.
(d) To head for the Netherlands.

12. In chapter thret, how do Aubrey and members of his crew gain access to Port Mahon?
(a) They pretend to be a group of fishermen.
(b) They use Maragall's Spanish boat.
(c) They use the French boat they capture.
(d) They use the cover of the night.

13. What is Aubrey's fate upon return to England from Port Mahon??
(a) He is stripped of his commission.
(b) He is attacked on the street.
(c) He is cast into debtor's prison.
(d) He is accused of assault.

14. What is the probable fate of many prisoners freed along with Maturin?
(a) They join the crew of H.M.S. Lively.
(b) They die of torture injuries.
(c) They are recaptured and put to death.
(d) They swim to a nearby island.

15. Why is the First Lord of the Lords Commissioners not happy about allowing captured Spanish vessels to be considered prizes?
(a) Aubrey benefits from the prizes.
(b) Fortune goes to Sir Joseph Blain.
(c) First Lord fears a Spanish retaliation.
(d) Prime minister is sympathizing with the Spanish.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Maturin's reaction to the heat he experiences on the side trip with Nicolls?

2. Why is Jack Aubrey familiar with Port Mahon?

3. Is Maturin able to make use of the rowboat?

4. After the prison rescue, how long do Aubrey and his men wait before leaving Port Mahon?

5. Maturin pays to stay informed of the whereabouts of whom?

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