H.M.S. Surprise Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. During the meeting of the Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty, why is Sir Joseph Blain worried about the First Lord's mention of Dr. Stephen Maturin?

Sir Joseph Blain is worried about the First Lord's mention of Maturin because Dr. Marturin acts as a secret agent for the British. By openly divulging Marturin's name, the First Lord puts the doctor in danger. Sir Joseph Blain is shocked by the First Lord's lack of caution.

2. What does Sophie Williams think of Maturin's approach to wooing Diana Villiers?

Sophia believes Maturin should be open and truthful from the start about his feelings for Diana. Maturin does not make his feelings clear, and Diana chooses Richard Canning as a lover.

3. Why do Diana Villiers and Richard Canning leave England for India?

Diana, a young widow, and Richard Canning, a married man, are having an affair. They leave England and move to India to escape the scandal.

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