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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 2.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Canning's religious background?
(a) He's a Roman Catholic priest.
(b) His religious affiliation is unknown.
(c) He's Jewish.
(d) He's a clergyman in the Church of England.

2. Why is the First Lord of the Lords Commissioners not happy about allowing captured Spanish vessels to be considered prizes?
(a) Aubrey benefits from the prizes.
(b) First Lord fears a Spanish retaliation.
(c) Fortune goes to Sir Joseph Blain.
(d) Prime minister is sympathizing with the Spanish.

3. Sophie talks to Maturin in chapter one about the temporary assignment of whom?
(a) Maturin's upcoming field work.
(b) Sir Joseph Blain's appointment.
(c) Aubrey on H.M.S. Lively.
(d) High Lord's temporary position.

4. How does Maturin react to what Sir Joseph tells him at their meeting after the lecture?
(a) He decides to call off his mission.
(b) He does not believe Sir Joseph.
(c) He leaves for South Africa.
(d) He determines to complete his mission,

5. On the way to the reunion with H.M.S. Lively's regular captain, Aubrey is supposed to rendezvous with whom?
(a) Sir Joseph Blain.
(b) Maturin.
(c) Unknown British spy.
(d) Sophia.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Sophie's meeting with Maturin in chapter one take place?

2. In chapter one, under what circumstances do Sir Joseph Blain, Admiral Harte, and various other political and military figures meet?

3. What does Sir Joseph Blain discuss with Maturin after the lecture?

4. Who is Richard Canning?

5. How does H.M.S. Lively get messages and mail while on blockade duty?

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