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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 9.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. With what plan of Aubrey does Commodore Moffit fully agree?
(a) Destroying French rigging to allow for escape.
(b) To escape the French fleet under the cover of darkness.
(c) To sail back to India for help.
(d) To surrender.

2. Is Stanhope the only passenger on the H.M.S. Surprise who suffers from seasickness?
(a) No one else is seasick.
(b) Several crew members get seasick.
(c) Stanhope's entourage also suffer seasickness.
(d) Maturin is often seasick.

3. What animal does Maturin catch on the coast of Brazil?
(a) Monkey.
(b) Albatross.
(c) A new species of crab.
(d) Sloth.

4. In the sixth chapter, a second violent storm does what kind of damage to the H.M.S. Surprise?
(a) All the rigging is lost.
(b) Two sails are torn.
(c) The ship is undamaged.
(d) Destruction of the foremost.

5. After the prison rescue, how long do Aubrey and his men wait before leaving Port Mahon?
(a) They leave the afternoon after the prisoners are freed.
(b) They wait for three days.
(c) They sail as soon as assembled.
(d) They are delayed for weeks.

Short Answer Questions

1. What affect does the heat and exposure on St. Paul's Rocks have on Stephen Maturin.

2. What becomes of Stanhope's entourage?

3. Besides the squall that maroons Maturin, what other frustrating weather does the H.M.S. Surprise experience near Brazil?

4. How prosperous is the China fleet?

5. How long does the rescue of Maturin take?

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