Objects & Places from H.M.S. Surprise

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H.M.S. Lively.

This British object is speedy and has unwilling occupants from China and Japan.

H.M.S. Surprise.

This French built object serves as the setting for the later seven chapters.

St. Paul's Rocks.

This location has mostly feathered occupants and is the setting for a terrible storm mid-book that claims the life of one sailor.

Joe Manton's Cased Pistols.

The English objects are used in Bombay and are the cause of the death of a rich Jewish man.

Futtock-Shrouds and the Lubber's Hole.

These objects allow access to the tops of the lower masts.

Pulo Batak.

This Sumatran location is dangerously tricky to access but worth the risk for hungry and thirsty sailors.


These spalling objects can wound and even kill sailors in battle.

The Weather Gauge.

This location gives a ship the tactical advantage in an impending military engagement.

The China Fleet.

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