H.M.S. Surprise Character Descriptions

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Jack Aubrey.

Fond of food and drink to a fault, this heroic character has much self esteem but little money.

Stephen Maturin y Domanova.

This character owns land in Spain and has both a considerable fortune and enough talent to be successful at three professions: physician, scientist, and spy.


This honest and attractive letter writer is willing to wait for marriage to a beloved rather than settle for fortune and position.

Diana Villiers.

Widowed and consequently engaging in an illicit affair, this character relies on looks rather than reputation but eventually accepts a marriage proposal.

Mr. Commissioner Richard Canning.

This person's religious ethnicity allows for fortune and indirect political influence, but a pistol duel results in the character's untimely death.

Sir Joseph Blain.

A naturalist and scientist who is the head of Naval Intelligence, this character has vast knowledge of politics, the military, and the Royal Navy...

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