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Chapter 1

• At a meeting of the Lords Commissioner of the Admiralty, the First Lord rules that captured Spanish vessels belong to the Crown which avoids awarding any of the rich prize to Jack Aubrey.

• Also at the meeting, the First Lord divulges Stephen Maturin's secret agent status and thus angers Sir Joseph Blain.
• Maturin visits with Sophia, who is engaged to his friend Aubrey, at the Williams' home where the two discuss Aubrey.

• Maturin is reminded of his lost love Diana Villiers.
• Later, Sir Joseph tells Maturin of his concern over the First Lord's indiscretion about Maturin's role in government intelligence work, but Maturin is not afraid to continue his work.

Chapter 2

• Jack Aubrey temporarily commands H.M.S. Lively in a blockade of the French.

• Aubrey receives orders to break with the blockade and proceed to Minorca to meet Maturin and go on to Gibraltar.
• There is...

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