Hitler Short Essay - Answer Key

Ian Kershaw
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1. Why wasn't Adolf named Schicklgruber according to "Fantasy and Failure"?

According to "Fantasy and Failure," Adolf's name wasn't Schicklgruber because his father changed his name to Hitler in 1876.

2. Why was Adolf's mother protective of him?

Adolf's mother was protective of him because she lost several children in their infancy.

3. Who was Karl May for Hitler?

Karl May was Adolf's favorite writer as a child. He later forced his top Generals to read Karl May to improve their imaginations.

4. Why was Adolf able to convince his mother to let him go to Vienna?

Adolf was able to convince his mother to let him go to Vienna when he failed a number of classes in 1905.

5. Who was Adolf's grandfather according to Ian Kershaw?

According to Ian Kershaw, Adolf's grandfather was either Johan Georg Hiedler, the man who eventually married Adolf's grandmother, or his brother Johan Nepomuk Heidler.

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