Objects & Places from Hitler

Ian Kershaw
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This was where Hitler lived for five years after the death of his mother.


This was where Hitler lived with Hausler in an apartment.


This was a dog cared for by a soldier in the Bavarian Army.

The Bavarian Army

A young Adolph Hitler enlisted in this military force.

The National Socialist German Worker's Party

This was a political group that began after World War I and ruled Germany from 1933-1945.


This was the prison where Hitler served time for disturbing the peace.

Landsberg am Lech

This was the prison where Hitler spend 13 months for a failed coup.


This was the place where a rally drew a crowd of approximately 110,000 young people.


This group anxiously watched the growing anti-Semitic stand taken by the Nazis.


This was the demilitarized zone composed of German lands near the Rhine River.

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