Daily Lessons for Teaching Hitler

Ian Kershaw
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Lesson 1 (from Fantasy and Failure)


Fantasy and Failure

The book Hitler begins by examining Adolf Hitler's family and focuses on Alois Hitler, also known as Alois Schicklguber. The objective of this lesson is to examine Adolf Hitler's father, Alois (Schicklgruber) Hitler.


1) Class Discussion: Who was Adolf Hitler's father? When did he change his name? Why did he change his name? Why was this change in name significant? How old was Alois when Adolf was born? How does the author describe Alois Hitler? Why was he unloving? Strict? Did he want more children? Did Hitler love his father? Did Alois love Hitler? How many times had Hitler's father been married prior to meeting Hitler's mother? Why was this significant? What career ambitions did Alois have for his other children? For Hitler? What did Alois want for his son? Do you think that this proved detrimental for Adolf's relationship with his father...

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