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Ian Kershaw
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Essay Topic 1

Ian Kershaw begins the book by focusing on the family of Adolf Hitler. Examine the role that Hitler's family had in his life, and analyze who had the most influence on Hitler.

Essay Topic 2

When Hitler lived in Vienna, there was a significant growth in the anti-Jewish sentiment, and Hitler watched the movements to learn. Examine the role of the movements and how these impacted Hitler.

Essay Topic 3

Examine the role of education in Hitler's life, from his youth to college years, and examine what impact the rejection by the Academy of Fine Arts had on Hitler.

Essay Topic 4

Examine Hitler's association of the Jewish people to dirt and disease as well as why he forged these associations.

Essay Topic 5

Examine why countries require military service of its citizens, analyzing both its advantages and disadvantages for the government and citizens and how required military service impacted...

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