Hitler Character Descriptions

Ian Kershaw
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Adolf Hitler

This person was born the son of a dictatorial father and a loving, intellectual mother. During his youth he was liked by classmates and enjoyed school until his performance fell in his later years.

Klara Polzl

This person was born in 1860 and died of breast cancer in 1802 with her son beside her.

Alois HItler

This person, born in 1837 and married three times, wanted his son to follow in his footsteps, which created friction between himself and his son.

August Kubizek

This person went to Vienna to study music and recounted a time when someone told him that education was wasted on women.

Rudolf Hausler

This person worked as a shop assistant and later became someone's traveling companion and eventually moved in with that person but left because the roommate's habit of late night reading.

Joseph Popp

This person owned an apartment building in Munich and received...

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