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Ian Kershaw
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Fantasy and Failure

• In "Fantasy and Failure," Ian Kershaw examines the family of Adolf Hitler.

• Adolf Hitler's father changed his name from Alois Schicklburger to Alois Hitler.

• Alois was unloving, and Adolf's mother was extremely overprotecting after having lost several children during their infancy.

• Ian Kershaw implies that the only person Adolf really loved was his mother.
• In part two of "Fantasy and Failure," Hitler was a good student and made good grades without putting in a lot of effort.

• Adolf Hitler enjoyed a series about Native Americans by Karl May.

• As a military leader, he insisted his generals read these to improve their imagination.

• Hitler's only living brother died when he was going to embark on a secondary education.

• Alois focused on Adolf to follow in his footsteps.

• Hitler transferred to a school, showing signs of immaturity and lacking friendships.

• In 1905, Adolf's mother convinced him to drop...

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