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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the last word the computer sings?

2. Where were Ford and Arthur picked up?
(a) Sector LL8 Quadruple X Beta
(b) Sector XYZ Triple 3 Gamma
(c) Sector ZZ9 Plural Z Alpha
(d) Sector K4B Double J Zeta

3. What is the name of the shipboard computer?
(a) Larry
(b) Gary
(c) Eddie
(d) Homer

4. What does the babel fish allow Aurthur to do?
(a) Understand alien languages
(b) Have babel fish for lunch
(c) Sleep
(d) See in the dark

5. How long has Magrathea been dead for?
(a) Five million years
(b) Seven million years
(c) A billion and a half years
(d) Ten million years

6. What are serious problems throughout the galaxy?
(a) Cancer, and untied shoelaces
(b) Rage and uncontrollable anger
(c) Unbridled enthusiasm for danger
(d) Stress and nervous tension

7. What part of an Antarean parakeet is a revolting delicacy?
(a) The gall bladder
(b) The feet
(c) The gland
(d) The liver

8. What is the name of Zaphod's private brain care specialist?
(a) Gag Halfrunt
(b) Eccentrica Gallumbits
(c) Slartibartfast
(d) Glorm Boxtem

9. What colors are the Heart of Gold's interior after Arthur activates the Improbability Drive?
(a) Green and blue
(b) Red and yellow
(c) Purple and pinkish
(d) Yellow and blue

10. Why is Arthur Dent's house being demolished?
(a) It does not meet fire code.
(b) To clear the view for the owners of the expensive houses down the road
(c) To make room for a new condo development
(d) To make way for a bypass

11. What words best describe the reunion of Ford and Zaphod?
(a) Zarkingly great energy
(b) Excited enthusiasm
(c) Orgiastic boredom
(d) Appalling nonchalance

12. Where have Zaphod and Arthur met before?
(a) At a party in Islington
(b) They have never actually met.
(c) When Zaphod buzzed Earth as a teaser
(d) When Arthur was abducted by aliens

13. What does Eddie say the characters' adventure will end in?
(a) Sadness
(b) Blood
(c) Tears
(d) Celebration

14. What does Arthur awake to the sound of?
(a) Arguing
(b) Marvin moaning and complaining
(c) Computerized beeping
(d) Laughter

15. What is the significance of the location where the Heart of Gold picked up Ford and Arthur?
(a) There is a black hole there.
(b) It is the same sector where Zaphod picked up Trillian.
(c) It is the geographic center of the universe.
(d) It was the location where the Heart of Gold originates from.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the result of the improbability sum?

2. Why did Trillian pick up hitchhikers?

3. Why can Marvin not keep his mind off things?

4. Where does Arthur Dent work?

5. What does Zaphod find?

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