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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What are the initials burned into Zaphod's brain?
(a) A.D.
(b) F.P.
(c) T.M.
(d) Z.B.

2. What fantastic new industry was created?
(a) Customer service
(b) Custom starships
(c) Custom constellations
(d) Custom planets

3. What are the Vogons going to do to Arthur and Ford?
(a) Throw them into space
(b) Put them in prison
(c) Return them to the Earth
(d) Vaporize them

4. What does the whale think might be a good friend, but is in fact not?
(a) The ground
(b) The bowl of petunias
(c) The wind
(d) His tail

5. What does Arthur say that saving everyone's lives was?
(a) Nothing
(b) Really good thinking
(c) His greatest achievement
(d) His way of saying thanks for rescuing Ford and himself from space

6. What did scholars write about following the collapse?
(a) New Neo-Liberalology
(b) Planned political economy
(c) How poor scholars generally were following the collapse
(d) Metaphysical discourse

7. Why is Arthur Dent's house being demolished?
(a) To make way for a bypass
(b) To make room for a new condo development
(c) To clear the view for the owners of the expensive houses down the road
(d) It does not meet fire code.

8. Where are the characters located?
(a) The Milky Way
(b) The Horsehead Nebula
(c) The Basingstoke Roundabout
(d) Barnard's Star

9. What does Ford buy on his way out of the pub?
(a) More beer
(b) Pretzels
(c) Cigarettes
(d) Peanuts

10. How long has Magrathea been dead for?
(a) Ten million years
(b) Five million years
(c) A billion and a half years
(d) Seven million years

11. What did Zaphod call himself when he was on Earth?
(a) Ned
(b) Peter
(c) Steve
(d) Phil

12. What does Ford start turning into?
(a) An elderberry bush
(b) Arthur
(c) A penguin
(d) A madman with five heads

13. Why can Marvin not keep his mind off things?
(a) He has an extremely large mind.
(b) He was badly made and has a lot of bugs in his system.
(c) His programming does not allow it.
(d) There is nothing to distract him.

14. Where have Zaphod and Arthur met before?
(a) When Zaphod buzzed Earth as a teaser
(b) At a party in Islington
(c) When Arthur was abducted by aliens
(d) They have never actually met.

15. Where does Marvin have a terrible pain?
(a) In the diodes of his left side
(b) In his pain processors
(c) In his right knee joint
(d) In his neural network

Short Answer Questions

1. Where were Ford and Arthur picked up?

2. Which character has something odd about him or her, like they are missing something?

3. What does Arthur wish he listened to?

4. How does Arthur save the ship?

5. What rank of intelligence did humans have on Earth?

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