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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did scholars write about following the collapse?
(a) Metaphysical discourse
(b) Planned political economy
(c) New Neo-Liberalology
(d) How poor scholars generally were following the collapse

2. What escapes?
(a) The ghosts of planet Magrathea
(b) The sperm whale
(c) Marvin
(d) Trillian's pet mice

3. What does the Guide say about the Earth?
(a) Nothing at all
(b) A small blue-green planet
(c) Harmless
(d) That it has been destroyed by the Vogons

4. What does Zaphod find?
(a) The best vacation spot imaginable
(b) The most improbable creature in existence
(c) The most improbable galaxy ever
(d) The most improbable planet ever

5. What did Zaphod call himself when he was on Earth?
(a) Peter
(b) Phil
(c) Ned
(d) Steve

6. What is written on the cover of the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy?
(a) This End Up
(b) Don't Panic
(c) The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
(d) Front Cover

7. What does Ford start turning into?
(a) Arthur
(b) An elderberry bush
(c) A madman with five heads
(d) A penguin

8. Why is Arthur so excited to be on Magrathea?
(a) He has always believed the legend.
(b) He has a great design for a planet that he wants to show the Magratheans.
(c) He has never been to an alien planet before.
(d) The drink he got from the machine has made his brain a little strange.

9. Where does the ship go when the Improbability Drive is activated?
(a) Back to the smoking remains of the Earth
(b) Into the interior of the planet Magrathea
(c) Nowhere
(d) It appears in orbit of the planet Damogran.

10. Who saved Ford and Arthur?
(a) The Great Collapsing Hrung
(b) The Vogons
(c) Arthur
(d) The Dentrassis

11. Who was poor in the former Galactic Empire?
(a) Alpha Centaurians
(b) Everyone
(c) No one
(d) Nobody worth speaking of

12. What are the initials burned into Zaphod's brain?
(a) A.D.
(b) Z.B.
(c) F.P.
(d) T.M.

13. What is the result of the improbability sum?
(a) Infinity minus one
(b) Infinity squared
(c) Two to the power of two hundred and seventy-six thousand, seven hundred and nine to one against
(d) Ten trillion billion to one

14. What does Trillian notice on the wall?
(a) Billboards and memos
(b) Pictures of dead humans
(c) Strange symbols of some kind
(d) Children's drawings

15. Where were Ford and Arthur picked up?
(a) Sector XYZ Triple 3 Gamma
(b) Sector K4B Double J Zeta
(c) Sector ZZ9 Plural Z Alpha
(d) Sector LL8 Quadruple X Beta

Short Answer Questions

1. What rank of intelligence did humans have on Earth?

2. What does Zaphod think about the ship computer?

3. Where does Marvin have a terrible pain?

4. What word best describes the new interior of the ship?

5. Was does Zaphod search for on the sub-etha radio?

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