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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 29.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the favorite game of the pandimensional beings?
(a) Brockian Ultra Rugby
(b) Brockian Ultra Football
(c) Brockian Ultra Cricket
(d) Brockian Ultra Baseball

2. What are serious problems throughout the galaxy?
(a) Unbridled enthusiasm for danger
(b) Cancer, and untied shoelaces
(c) Stress and nervous tension
(d) Rage and uncontrollable anger

3. What is the usual fate of those who are determined to make fools of themselves in public?
(a) Tax exile
(b) The sanitarium
(c) Death by alcoholism
(d) Infomercials

4. What is Deep Thought the size of?
(a) A small spaceship
(b) A small continent
(c) A small planet
(d) A small city

5. What has Zaphod turned into an art form?
(a) Coolness
(b) Spontanaeity
(c) Creative sarcasm
(d) Unfathomability

Short Answer Questions

1. What part of an Antarean parakeet is a revolting delicacy?

2. How long has Magrathea been dead for?

3. How many pages is this chapter?

4. Why is Arthur Dent's house being demolished?

5. What do Phouchg and Loonquawl think they will get?

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