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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 25.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What part of planet building does the old man enjoy the most?
(a) Rivers
(b) Mountains
(c) Plains
(d) Coastlines

2. Who is Mr. Prosser a descendant of?
(a) Alexander the Great
(b) King Henry VIII
(c) Genghis Khan
(d) Ivan the Terrible

3. What has opened a passage into the interior of the planet?
(a) One of the nuclear missiles
(b) The Improbability Drive
(c) The whale
(d) An asteroid

4. What is Arthur concerned about?
(a) Whether or not Magrathea is safe
(b) What they are going to have for breakfast
(c) If Trillian is interested in him
(d) If he can ever have tea again

5. Who has come to visit the Earth in massive yellow spaceships?
(a) Betelgeuse traders
(b) Vogons
(c) The evil people of Krikkit
(d) Martians

Short Answer Questions

1. How many suns does Magrathea have?

2. What is the favorite game of the pandimensional beings?

3. How does Slartibartfast respond when Arthur tries to talk to him in the aircar?

4. Where have Zaphod and Arthur met before?

5. What is being built in Magrathea's factory?

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