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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 16.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who saved Ford and Arthur?
(a) The Great Collapsing Hrung
(b) Arthur
(c) The Vogons
(d) The Dentrassis

2. What fantastic new industry was created?
(a) Custom planets
(b) Customer service
(c) Custom starships
(d) Custom constellations

3. What does Ford hum to the guard in an attempt to stir some feelings within him?
(a) An old Betelgeusian battle hymn
(b) A tuneless melody that popped into Ford's head
(c) The beginning of Auld Lang Syne
(d) The first bar of Beethoven's Fifth

4. Which government owns the Starship Heart of Gold?
(a) The Galactic Hyperspace Federation
(b) The Sirius Cybernetics Empire
(c) Omicron VI
(d) No one owns it, it has been stolen.

5. How long can you survive in space with a lungful of air?
(a) A minute
(b) Five seconds
(c) Thirty seconds
(d) As long as you can hold your breath

Short Answer Questions

1. What play does an infinite number of monkeys write?

2. What will die in the next chapter?

3. Resistance is...

4. What can respectable physicists really not stand for?

5. What are serious problems throughout the galaxy?

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