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Helen G. Scott
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why was Hitchcock attracted to filming "Rear Window"?
(a) It was a technically challenging production.
(b) He liked working with the actors involved.
(c) The studio offered him a big budget for the film.
(d) The story intrigued him.

2. What happened in the dream Hitchcock told Truffaut about?
(a) The dream evolved into a period piece.
(b) He was a child back at school.
(c) He was directing a film in Niagara Falls.
(d) A bear attacked him.

3. How did Hitchcock feel about casting departments when it came time to cast for his films?
(a) Burdened.
(b) Dependent.
(c) Confident.
(d) Distrustful.

4. Which film features a scene with a crop dusting plane?
(a) Torn Curtain.
(b) North by Northwest.
(c) The Man Who Knew Too Much.
(d) The Paradine Case.

5. Who did the character Norman have conversations with in "Psycho"?
(a) The hotel's groundskeeper.
(b) A squirrel.
(c) His mother.
(d) His own reflection.

6. How much did "Rope" cost to produce?
(a) $3 million.
(b) $1.5 million.
(c) $10 million.
(d) $5 million.

7. What was the plot of "I Confess"?
(a) A priest takes a confession from a murderer.
(b) A man plots to kill his heiress wife.
(c) An FBI agent sends the woman he loves to seduce a criminal.
(d) A woman pleads guilty to a crime she did not commit.

8. What was the hope of the authors of the novel "Vertigo" based on as they wrote it?
(a) That Hitchcock would hire them to write him a movie.
(b) That Hitchcock would adapt it into a film.
(c) That James Stewart would appear in the film version.
(d) That it would become an international bestseller.

9. How did Hitchcock say he needed his surroundings to be?
(a) Calm and orderly.
(b) Buzzing with activity.
(c) Completely silent.
(d) Inspiring.

10. What did Hitchcock state that he practiced, "quite religiously"?
(a) Politeness.
(b) Sarcasm.
(c) Procrastination.
(d) Absurdity.

11. What technical innovation was used for the first time on "Rope"?
(a) Technicolor film.
(b) Surround sound.
(c) New lighting technology.
(d) Green screen techniques.

12. What kind of scene did "Psycho" start with?
(a) A wedding scene.
(b) A mugging scene.
(c) A beach scene.
(d) A romantic scene.

13. What did Hitchcock regret about "The Wrong Man"?
(a) Filming it on location.
(b) The title.
(c) That audiences didn't respond well to it.
(d) Getting so deeply involved in the story.

14. What did the 'MacGuffin' for "Notorious" involve?
(a) Uranium.
(b) A statuette.
(c) Money.
(d) A brief case.

15. What had Hitchcock heard of happening in New Mexico and Norway?
(a) Secret bomb experiments.
(b) UFO crash landings.
(c) Audiences boycotting his films.
(d) Experiments with film techniques.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who starred in "Rear Window"?

2. Which emotion did Truffaut say was easily transferred to film?

3. What was common to the actors sent by casting when Hitchcock was searching for someone to play an ambassador?

4. What was the producer of "Notorious" unfamiliar with, which eventually led to the film being made with another studio?

5. Why did changes have to be made to the "Vertigo" script before filming?

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