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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the cause of Nino's death?
(a) A bar fight.
(b) A car accident.
(c) A drug overdose.
(d) A gunshot wound.

2. Why does Ida allow Useppe to wander freely with Bella?
(a) She feels that he is smart enough not to get into trouble.
(b) She feels that their neighborhood is safe enough.
(c) She wants to have the time alone.
(d) She wants him to be like other boys.

3. What does Davide tell Useppe, when Useppe visits Davide at his home for the first time?
(a) Davide feels like he has known Useppe for his entire life.
(b) Ida doesn't really love Useppe.
(c) Useppe is too young for Davide to associate with him.
(d) Useppe is too pretty and happy for this world.

4. What is not a condition from which Useppe is suffering in 1946?
(a) He is pale and weak.
(b) He wakes up every night with nightmares.
(c) He has an intestinal parasite.
(d) He is small for his age.

5. Why does Nino respect Davide?
(a) For his service to his country and people.
(b) For his thinking and philosophizing.
(c) For his courage and bravery.
(d) For his cunning and street-smarts.

6. According to Davide, why is there no need for a revolution in 1947?
(a) Because there is a more peaceful approach for what they want to accomplish.
(b) Because a revolution wouldn't accomplish their goals anyway.
(c) Because there is a Christ in all of us that is waiting to be recognized.
(d) Because the political situation at the time is good.

7. Scimo admits, to Useppe, that he escaped from what?
(a) A kidnapping.
(b) A reformatory.
(c) A hospital.
(d) A sanitarium.

8. How does the family servant feel about Nino in 1945?
(a) Both answers are correct.
(b) Neither answer is correct.
(c) She is in awe of him.
(d) She is intimidated by him and his reputation.

9. What does Ida do, for the first time, in 1946?
(a) She votes.
(b) She leaves Rome.
(c) She goes to a bar.
(d) She celebrates Christmas.

10. How many of the thousand Jews who left Tiburtina returned in 1945?
(a) A hundred.
(b) Twenty-six.
(c) Forty-seven.
(d) Fifteen.

11. Which American president took over in 1945?
(a) Carter.
(b) Roosevelt.
(c) Kennedy.
(d) Truman.

12. Why does Useppe love newspapers?
(a) Because he can draw on them.
(b) Because they can be made into hats.
(c) Because of all the pictures.
(d) Because of the way they smell.

13. What is the name of Nino's second dog?
(a) Blitz.
(b) Bella.
(c) Beast.
(d) Belsen.

14. How does Useppe react when Nino is with his girlfriend under the tree?
(a) He becomes distraught.
(b) He is not phased, as he is used to it.
(c) He asks a lot of questions about what they're doing.
(d) He thinks it is funny, and wants to watch.

15. How does Useppe respond when the doctor won't let him take the animal out of its cage?
(a) He throws the cage.
(b) He cries.
(c) He scratches himself.
(d) He kicks the doctor.

Short Answer Questions

1. The trial in Nuremberg ended with how many death sentences for war criminals?

2. How does Davide die?

3. What does Ida eat, in order to save food for her son?

4. As the result of a group of women holding up a truck, Ida manages to come home with a bag of what?

5. What special item does Ida buy for Useppe in 1946?

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