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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why is Ida anxious about seeing Signora DiSegni?
(a) Ida had confessed her Jewish heritage to DiSegni.
(b) DiSegni has the power to get Ida a job, and help her keep it.
(c) DiSegni is now a member of the German army.
(d) DiSegni had threatened to get Useppe taken away from Ida.

2. What does Ida begin doing when the air raid alarms go off, in 1943?
(a) She takes Useppe and runs to the basement.
(b) She hides only when they go off at night.
(c) She ignores them, believing nothing will happen.
(d) She runs and hides only if she hears a plane.

3. How many casualties were incurred by the end of World War I?
(a) Three million.
(b) Six million.
(c) One billion.
(d) Ten million.

4. What happens to the Duce's son-in-law, in January of 1944?
(a) He is arrested.
(b) He is executed.
(c) He is taken prisoner.
(d) He flees the country.

5. Why does Nino ignore the alarms and sirens going off in the city?
(a) Because he feels sure that Rome is safe.
(b) Because he thinks the stories of what is happening to the Jews are exagerrated.
(c) Because he thinks they are only drills.
(d) Because he doesn't understand what they mean.

6. Why does Ida find herself missing the Thousand?
(a) The shelter is too empty without them.
(b) They helped her look after Useppe.
(c) She does not trust her new roommates.
(d) They helped her with the cooking and cleaning.

7. What object is Carulina's prized possession?
(a) Her father's wool coat.
(b) An antique hair pin.
(c) An old gramophone.
(d) Her mother's locket.

8. In early 1944, what news does Ida get regarding Nino and Carlo?
(a) They are fine, but no longer in the area.
(b) They have been killed.
(c) No one has heard from them, and their fate is unknown.
(d) They are fine, and still nearby.

9. Where does Nora die?
(a) Fleeing toward the sea.
(b) In a concentration camp.
(c) In her home.
(d) In the Jewish ghetto.

10. How old is Ninuzzu in Chapter 3?
(a) 16.
(b) 14.
(c) 10.
(d) 12.

11. What does a stranger tell Useppe about Blitz, after their building is bombed?
(a) Blitz has disappeared, and no one knows where he is.
(b) Blitz was not in the building when it was bombed.
(c) Blitz has turned into a white dove.
(d) Blitz may still be stuck in the rubble.

12. How does Ida react when Nino steals food?
(a) She gets angry and throws him out of the house.
(b) She is angry with him for stealing food when they can afford to buy it.
(c) She is sad, but realizes that it must be done.
(d) She refuses to eat it.

13. In late 1943, all young men in Rome were in danger of what?
(a) Being killed on sight.
(b) Being taken and forced to serve in the German military.
(c) Being sent to concentration camps.
(d) Young men were only in danger if they were Jewish.

14. What happened to Rome during the bombing of Italian cities, as of 1943?
(a) It had been devastated.
(b) Only the rich areas had been affected.
(c) It had been spared, thus far.
(d) Only the poor areas had been affected.

15. What is Nino's new nickname, as a revolutionary?
(a) Molotov.
(b) James Dean.
(c) Il Duce.
(d) Ace of Hearts.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Ida give Nino, which is a symbol of freedom to him?

2. What city was burned to the ground by the Nazis in 1943?

3. Who is "The Thousand"?

4. What does Carlo do after hearing the message brought to him in the night?

5. What object does the German soldier give to Ida?

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