History Character Descriptions

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Ida (Ramundo) Mancuso

This character is timid and shy, and lives in a state of constant anxiety that her heritage will be discovered.

Giuseppe Felice Angiolino (Useppe)

This character is a sickly child, much smaller than other children his age.

Ninnarieddu (Nino) Mancuso

This character is the protagonist's son, and tends to be rebellious but still lovable.

Davide Segre (Carlo Vivaldi)

This character presents himself as a Catholic Italian, but is actually an escaped Anarchist Jew.


This character is a large, intelligent white dog who has been raised on the finest of foods.


This character is a political activist involved in Italy's resistance movement.

Epetondo (Cuchiarelli) Guiseppe Secondo

This character is a marble cutter who dwells in the refugee building where the protagonist goes for shelter.


This character is a young German soldier who is wandering Rome, waiting to be shipped out to Africa.

Giuseppe and Nora (Almigia) Ramundo

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