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Preface History and Chapter 1

• The atomic century begins 1900-1905, and various discoveries are made concerning the nature of matter. World War I begins in 1914, and ends after four years with ten million casualties.

• Gunther is introduced as a German soldier, visiting Rome in 1941. He is large for his age but immature, and preparing for a deployment to Africa, about which he is apprehensive.

• Gunther wanders the streets of Rome, feeling homesick, scared and excited about his upcoming deployment. He happens upon a tavern, while searching for a brothel.

• When Gunther enters Remo's tavern, he is treated with distrust, which makes him belligerent. He doesn't eat, gets drunk, and confronts a woman, who is terrified of him.

Chapter 2

• Ida Mancuso is introduced. She is a timid 37-year-old elementary school teacher. Ida was an only child, and her mother was part Jewish but changed her name to hide it.

• Ida's...

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