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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where is Thucydides writing his History of the Peloponnesian War?
(a) In the Library of Alexandria
(b) Underground Athens
(c) In exile
(d) In Sparta

2. Who are the main antagonists over the military strategy in 416 BC?
(a) Brasias and Pericles
(b) Alexander and Phillip
(c) Thucydides and Cleon
(d) Nician and Alcibiades

3. What is the net result of Gylippus' demand for more and better triremes?
(a) More of the fighting takes place on the sea.
(b) A disastrous defeat of the Athenian fleet
(c) The ships do not perform as expected.
(d) It bankrupts the country.

4. What serious setback happens to Athens in 413 BC?
(a) The Athenian fleet is decisively destroyed in Sicily during the winter of 413 BC.
(b) The plague returns, wiping out two thirds of the Athenian military.
(c) There is an earthquake that destroys the walls around Athens.
(d) All of Athens' allies desert to Sparta.

5. What are the Athenians doing in Italy at about the same time?
(a) Regrouping to attack Peloponnesus
(b) Preparing to invade Syracuse
(c) Calling an international conference
(d) Taking a break from the war

6. What is happening to the once invincible hoplite phalanx?
(a) It is becoming ineffective against new weapons and tactics.
(b) It is becoming too expensive to mount.
(c) It is no longer being used by the Athenians.
(d) It is failing because it had been overused.

7. What is commonly called the peace of Nicias by modern scholars?
(a) A six-week halt to the hostilities
(b) A time under Nicias when Sparta is afraid to attack.
(c) The end of the Peloponnesian War
(d) The treaty of alliance between Sparta and Athens during the winter of 422 to 421 BC

8. After the demise of Athenian democracy, what political force gains control?
(a) A group of pro-Spartan sympathizers
(b) The Helots rise to power.
(c) The transient new government, referred to as the Four Hundred, rules by force.
(d) Alcibiades returns and takes control of the government.

9. What success does Cleon have during the time of Book 5?
(a) Cleon negotiates a cease fire with Crete.
(b) Cleon leads an Athenian expedition to Thrace where he recaptures some areas formerly subjugated by Sparta.
(c) Cleon succeeds in reguilding the Athenian war machine.
(d) Cleon is elected to lead the country for life.

10. How do scholars generally explain the contradictions in Thucydides' text?
(a) Correctly analyzed, what appears to be contradictions are actually not.
(b) Over time. he revises his opinions and understanding but does not always update all relevant textual passages.
(c) Much of the manuscript is lost and Thucydides forgets what he has said earlier.
(d) Thucydides seems to have a great deal of trouble making up his mind.

11. What makes it plausible that Thucydides begins his history from first-hand knowledge?
(a) He is a financier who has connections in high places.
(b) His father is Athenian and his mother is from Sparta.
(c) He is a wealthy Athenian and general in the early days of the war.
(d) He is associated with the highest levels of diplomacy in the early days.

12. Why does the Athenian attack on Messana fail?
(a) The Spartans arrive before Athens.
(b) Bad weather sinks many Athenian ships.
(c) A betrayal by Alcibiades
(d) An earthquake stops the invasion.

13. What are many Syracusans advocating prior to the arrival of Gylippus?
(a) Calling for spartan intervention
(b) A settlement with Athens
(c) Abandoning the region
(d) Joining the Delian League

14. What is the response to Nicias' communique during the winter of 414 BC?
(a) Nicias' correspondence is intercepted by Sparta.
(b) After debate, the city decides to send more reinforcements and new leadership.
(c) Athens answers that there are no more reinforcements available.
(d) There is cold silence after Nicias' request arrives in Athens.

15. When Alcibiades is eventually recalled for blasphemy, what does he do?
(a) He tears up the summons.
(b) He hires Socrates to defend him.
(c) He goes to Alexandria.
(d) He flees to Sparta.

Short Answer Questions

1. What unusual plan does Syracuse put into operation against Athens?

2. What does Thucydides say about the new Peloponnesian triremes?

3. What indicates Athens' former military superiority as late as 412 BC?

4. How did Thucydides see the period of 422 to 421 BC?

5. What unexplainable surprising event takes place with the patriotic Athenian army?

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