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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What ultimatum does Athens give to Melos?
(a) Build triemes for Athens or face an embargo
(b) Pay tribute or be wholly destroyed
(c) Join the Delian League or remain neutral
(d) Surrender supporters of Sparta or face the consequences

2. How did Thucydides see the period of 422 to 421 BC?
(a) An era of more guerilla warfare
(b) A period of rearmament for both sides
(c) A time when no military operations are launched.
(d) Part of a continuous military struggle with a lull included.

3. What are the feelings of many Athenians leading up to the problems in Sicily?
(a) Most feel that Athens has become invulnerable.
(b) Many feel that Cleon needs to be in Sicily.
(c) Many feel that Nicias iss unneseccarily inactive.
(d) Many Athenians feel that Sicily is a simple matter.

4. What further mischief does a former Athenian general create in 412 BC?
(a) Cleon turns traitor and gives state secrets to Sparta.
(b) Alcibiades attempts to subvert an Athenian army in the field at Samos.
(c) Nicias leads a revolt of the Athenian army.
(d) Demosthenes attempts to establish an oligarchy with himself at its head.

5. How does the text of Thucydides' history end?
(a) With a summary of the entire war
(b) With predictions about future wars
(c) In mid-sentence, seven years prior to the conclusion of the war
(d) With Thucydides returning from exile back to Athens

6. What are many Syracusans advocating prior to the arrival of Gylippus?
(a) Abandoning the region
(b) Calling for spartan intervention
(c) A settlement with Athens
(d) Joining the Delian League

7. What does Thucydides think of Athenian actions in Scione?
(a) To him. it is an example of the degenerative influence of warfare upon civilization.
(b) He makes no mention of the Athenian actions.
(c) To him, it is a necessary result of a difficult conflict.
(d) He approves of the severe measures taken by Athens.

8. What practice does Thucydides not value other than recognizing its effect on politics and the military?
(a) Praying to Apollo
(b) Casting lots
(c) Reading omens in the stars
(d) Visiting the oracles

9. What marks the period of the peace of Nicias from 421 to 413 BC?
(a) Minor but constant friction between Athenian and Spartan interests
(b) Economic growth of both Athens and sparta
(c) Military buildups which precluded an skirmishes at all
(d) Several major battles between Athens and Sparta

10. What occurs between Athens and Sparta during the winter of 422 BC?
(a) Athens and Sparta first sign a peace treaty and then develop an alliance of sorts.
(b) Diplomatic negotiations continue throughout the winter.
(c) They redraw the map of Greece.
(d) Athens and Sparta set up their defenses for the next year.

11. What major battle occurs in the winter of 415 BC?
(a) Thrace versus Thebes
(b) Sicily versus Macedonia
(c) Sparta versus Italy
(d) Athens versus Syracuse

12. What is the historic view of the years from 421 to 413 BC?
(a) The bloodiest era of the Peloponnesian War occurs during this time.
(b) It is regarded as the real end of the Peloponnesian War.
(c) Most of the attacks against either side are done by allies of the two armies.
(d) The years through 413 BC are marked by a generally less intense conflict where Athens and Sparta fight against each other in distant theaters

13. What removes Syracuse, Sicily, and Italy from the text of Thucydides' history?
(a) Sparta turing its attention on Thrace
(b) The eruption of Mt. Aetna
(c) Athens' ultimate defeat of Syracuse
(d) The defeat and rout of the Athenians

14. What does Thucydides say about the new Peloponnesian triremes?
(a) They use less manpower to operate.
(b) These triremes possess a reinforced prow with strengthened rams.
(c) They are the largest ships ever built up to that time.
(d) They are lighter and can move faster in the water.

15. Why does the Athenian attack on Messana fail?
(a) Bad weather sinks many Athenian ships.
(b) An earthquake stops the invasion.
(c) A betrayal by Alcibiades
(d) The Spartans arrive before Athens.

Short Answer Questions

1. What military plan is put into effect in response to Nicias' request?

2. Why does Thucydides suddenly include more information on Peloponnesian events?

3. What happens in 411 BC to the Athenian democracy after the defeat at Syracuse?

4. Why is Book 5 of the History of the Peloponnesian War such a short book?

5. How does a lunar eclipse enter into the Athenian plans to withdraw?

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