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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What are the feelings of many Athenians leading up to the problems in Sicily?
(a) Most feel that Athens has become invulnerable.
(b) Many Athenians feel that Sicily is a simple matter.
(c) Many feel that Cleon needs to be in Sicily.
(d) Many feel that Nicias iss unneseccarily inactive.

2. Who is instrumental in getting Sparta to join Syracuse against Athens?
(a) Cleon
(b) Alcibiades
(c) Pericles
(d) Brasias

3. Where is Thucydides writing his History of the Peloponnesian War?
(a) In exile
(b) In Sparta
(c) Underground Athens
(d) In the Library of Alexandria

4. How does Gylippus counteract the Athenian siege?
(a) By using Nicias' hit and run tactics.
(b) By retreating swiftly.
(c) By launching a counter-siege.
(d) By setting fire to the countryside.

5. From a more historical point of view, how does the peace of Nicias seem to scholars?
(a) It does not look like a peace at all.
(b) It looks like a failed effort at diplomacy.
(c) It appears to be a gradual cessation of hostilities.
(d) It seems to be misnamed for Nicias and should be credited to Cleon.

6. How many battles are fought between Athens and Syracuse?
(a) Four
(b) Three
(c) Two
(d) One

7. What is Alcibiades able to do in the Peloponnesus?
(a) Surround Sparta
(b) Create an Athenian-dominated, anti-Spartan alliance.
(c) Establish new strongholds
(d) Form a successful naval blockade

8. How was Thucydides like news reporters today?
(a) He was reticent about revealing his sources.
(b) He studied journalism at the university.
(c) He had a column in the Athenian newspaper.
(d) He went to battle sites as a war correspondent.

9. How does the text of Thucydides' history end?
(a) With Thucydides returning from exile back to Athens
(b) With a summary of the entire war
(c) With predictions about future wars
(d) In mid-sentence, seven years prior to the conclusion of the war

10. What are the results of Corinth's being alarmed during 421 BC?
(a) Several spies are caught checking out their defenses.
(b) Corinth, in particular, is alarmed as are numerous other cities and a series of alliances began to develop.
(c) Its borders are too exposed on all sides.
(d) Athens and Sparta agree to attack Corinth from both sides.

11. What are the Athenians doing in Italy at about the same time?
(a) Preparing to invade Syracuse
(b) Taking a break from the war
(c) Regrouping to attack Peloponnesus
(d) Calling an international conference

12. What happens at Amphipolis?
(a) Brasidas is defeated by Cleon's forces.
(b) Cleon loses his right arm in the battle at Amphipolis.
(c) There is a great battle that ended in a stand-off.
(d) Cleon is defeated by an audacious attack by Brasidas and both generals are killed in the fighting.

13. What is the relationship of Melos to Athens during the period of the peace of Nicias?
(a) Melos accedes to all Athanian demands and comes under the Athenian umbrella.
(b) Melos sends envoys to both Athens and Sparta.
(c) Melos seeks to evade entanglement in the Delian League.
(d) Melos then engages Athens in political rhetoric and refuses to yield to Athenian demands.

14. What are many Syracusans advocating prior to the arrival of Gylippus?
(a) Calling for spartan intervention
(b) Joining the Delian League
(c) Abandoning the region
(d) A settlement with Athens

15. What area remains as the seat of power after the defeat at Syracuse?
(a) Athens and the Delian League.
(b) Persia and Corinth.
(c) The Attica-Euboea-Boeotia-Peloponnesus Theater
(d) Samos, Chios, and Sardis.

Short Answer Questions

1. What happens to the Athenian attack on Amphipolis?

2. What desecration of religious idols is charged to Alcibiades?

3. What is the first step in the unraveling of the Athenian force?

4. Why does the Athenian attack on Messana fail?

5. What happens in 411 BC to the Athenian democracy after the defeat at Syracuse?

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