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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What ultimatum does Athens give to Melos?
(a) Build triemes for Athens or face an embargo
(b) Surrender supporters of Sparta or face the consequences
(c) Pay tribute or be wholly destroyed
(d) Join the Delian League or remain neutral

2. After military setbacks, what disagreement arses between Nicias and Demosthenes?
(a) Demosthenes and Nicias cannot agree on a battle plan.
(b) Demosthenes feels they have enough troops but Nicias wants more.
(c) Demosthenes wants to withdraw but Nicias disagrees.
(d) They quarrel over who is the top commander.

3. What happens at Amphipolis?
(a) There is a great battle that ended in a stand-off.
(b) Brasidas is defeated by Cleon's forces.
(c) Cleon loses his right arm in the battle at Amphipolis.
(d) Cleon is defeated by an audacious attack by Brasidas and both generals are killed in the fighting.

4. What does Thucydides say about the new Peloponnesian triremes?
(a) These triremes possess a reinforced prow with strengthened rams.
(b) They are the largest ships ever built up to that time.
(c) They are lighter and can move faster in the water.
(d) They use less manpower to operate.

5. What military plan is put into effect in response to Nicias' request?
(a) Demosthenes commands a large group of hoplites who are taken to Syracuse by ship.
(b) Demosthenes becomes the first casualty of the naval war.
(c) Demosthenes prepares to lead a fleet to Sicily while another Athenian fleet raids along the Peloponnesus.
(d) Demosthenes declines to get involved in the war.

6. What unusual plan does Syracuse put into operation against Athens?
(a) Syracuse sends sick civilians into the Athenian ranks to spread disease.
(b) Syracusans build a fleet and attack the Athenian navy.
(c) Syracusans put out a rumor that the city has the plague.
(d) Syracusans lead land attacks.

7. What happens among pro-Athens allies at that time?
(a) Various pro-Athenian cities consider abandoning democracy for oligarchy.
(b) They form a new league excluding Athens.
(c) They fight to reinforce their own democracies.
(d) The abandon Athens and seek alliance with Persia.

8. From a more historical point of view, how does the peace of Nicias seem to scholars?
(a) It seems to be misnamed for Nicias and should be credited to Cleon.
(b) It does not look like a peace at all.
(c) It looks like a failed effort at diplomacy.
(d) It appears to be a gradual cessation of hostilities.

9. What transpires in Syracuse in 414 BC?
(a) Envoys pass between Athens and Sicily.
(b) Gylippus arrives in Syracuse and saves the city from defeat.
(c) Athens leaves Syracuse when Gylippus arrives.
(d) Large financial resources reach Syracuse.

10. How do scholars from other disciplines consider the value of Thucydides' work?
(a) The strange chronology makes it useless for other fields of study.
(b) Social analysts cannot get a picture of the development of democratic institutions.
(c) It provides enough corollary materials that is has been the subject of scrutiny across a diverse field of studies.
(d) Its' politics are not consistent with other writers' interpretations.

11. Why does the Athenian attack on Messana fail?
(a) Bad weather sinks many Athenian ships.
(b) A betrayal by Alcibiades
(c) The Spartans arrive before Athens.
(d) An earthquake stops the invasion.

12. What is commonly called the peace of Nicias by modern scholars?
(a) A six-week halt to the hostilities
(b) The treaty of alliance between Sparta and Athens during the winter of 422 to 421 BC
(c) A time under Nicias when Sparta is afraid to attack.
(d) The end of the Peloponnesian War

13. What happens in 411 BC to the Athenian democracy after the defeat at Syracuse?
(a) Athenian democracy collapses under the pressure of assassinations and military defeat.
(b) All the leaders resign in helplessness.
(c) The democracy splits into three separate factions.
(d) Martial law is declared to restore order and democracy.

14. As Spartan power grows, what happens in the Delian League?
(a) Manpower becomes a serious problem when they cannot pay.
(b) Old alliances are hasitly renewed.
(c) Revolution begins to foment throughout the Athenian empire.
(d) There is a change in political power within Athens.

15. What charismatic individual rises to prominence in 420 BC?
(a) Socrates
(b) Nicias
(c) Pericles
(d) Alcibiades

Short Answer Questions

1. What area remains as the seat of power after the defeat at Syracuse?

2. What serious setback happens to Athens in 413 BC?

3. What are many Syracusans advocating prior to the arrival of Gylippus?

4. What happens in the second battle at Syracuse?

5. How does a lunar eclipse enter into the Athenian plans to withdraw?

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