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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does the Athenian attack on Messana fail?
(a) A betrayal by Alcibiades
(b) Bad weather sinks many Athenian ships.
(c) An earthquake stops the invasion.
(d) The Spartans arrive before Athens.

2. What removes Syracuse, Sicily, and Italy from the text of Thucydides' history?
(a) Athens' ultimate defeat of Syracuse
(b) Sparta turing its attention on Thrace
(c) The defeat and rout of the Athenians
(d) The eruption of Mt. Aetna

3. What is the significance of Thucydides' inclusion of the story of Aristogiton and Harmodius?
(a) It has nothing to do with either Athens or Sparta.
(b) It is a strange inclusion of Greek superstition.
(c) It is an important event that is glossed over lightly.
(d) It is a nearly unique authorial digression from the history of the war itself.

4. What does Sparta do in 414 BC?
(a) Gives command of their armies to Alcibiades.
(b) Twice invades Argos.
(c) Sends new peace envoys to Athens.
(d) Makes an alliance with Argos.

5. What ultimatum does Athens give to Melos?
(a) Build triemes for Athens or face an embargo
(b) Surrender supporters of Sparta or face the consequences
(c) Join the Delian League or remain neutral
(d) Pay tribute or be wholly destroyed

6. What desecration of religious idols is charged to Alcibiades?
(a) Knocking over the statues of Athena
(b) The vandalism of the Hermae of Athens
(c) Setting fire to the temple of Apollo
(d) The stoning of the Oracle at Delphi

7. During the winter of 421 BC, what happens with the Boeotians?
(a) They refuse an alliance with Sparta and make new ones of their own.
(b) They are once again defeated by Athens.
(c) They begin arming for an offensive in the spring.
(d) They capitulate to Sparta and avoid a massacre.

8. What military involvement in 416 BC is hotly argued in Athens?
(a) Mounting an invasion of Italy
(b) Conscripting Helots to fight the Spartans
(c) Sending a fleet again to Sicily
(d) Sending hoplites to guard the borders of Attica

9. What happens at Amphipolis?
(a) There is a great battle that ended in a stand-off.
(b) Cleon is defeated by an audacious attack by Brasidas and both generals are killed in the fighting.
(c) Brasidas is defeated by Cleon's forces.
(d) Cleon loses his right arm in the battle at Amphipolis.

10. What is the response to Nicias' communique during the winter of 414 BC?
(a) After debate, the city decides to send more reinforcements and new leadership.
(b) Athens answers that there are no more reinforcements available.
(c) There is cold silence after Nicias' request arrives in Athens.
(d) Nicias' correspondence is intercepted by Sparta.

11. As Spartan power grows, what happens in the Delian League?
(a) Old alliances are hasitly renewed.
(b) Manpower becomes a serious problem when they cannot pay.
(c) Revolution begins to foment throughout the Athenian empire.
(d) There is a change in political power within Athens.

12. What serious setback happens to Athens in 413 BC?
(a) There is an earthquake that destroys the walls around Athens.
(b) The plague returns, wiping out two thirds of the Athenian military.
(c) The Athenian fleet is decisively destroyed in Sicily during the winter of 413 BC.
(d) All of Athens' allies desert to Sparta.

13. How was Thucydides like news reporters today?
(a) He had a column in the Athenian newspaper.
(b) He was reticent about revealing his sources.
(c) He studied journalism at the university.
(d) He went to battle sites as a war correspondent.

14. What is the political position of Argos from 418 through 416 BC?
(a) Vascilation between Athens and Sparta
(b) Maintained neutrality
(c) Consistently pro Spart
(d) Consistently pro-Athens

15. How does Gylippus counteract the Athenian siege?
(a) By setting fire to the countryside.
(b) By using Nicias' hit and run tactics.
(c) By retreating swiftly.
(d) By launching a counter-siege.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Alcibiades able to do in the Peloponnesus?

2. How does Thucydides write about important speeches and rhetoric during his time?

3. What are the results of Corinth's being alarmed during 421 BC?

4. What does Thucydides think of Athenian actions in Scione?

5. Who incites the revolt of Chios?

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