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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the relationship of Melos to Athens during the period of the peace of Nicias?
(a) Melos sends envoys to both Athens and Sparta.
(b) Melos then engages Athens in political rhetoric and refuses to yield to Athenian demands.
(c) Melos seeks to evade entanglement in the Delian League.
(d) Melos accedes to all Athanian demands and comes under the Athenian umbrella.

2. What is the significance of Thucydides' inclusion of the story of Aristogiton and Harmodius?
(a) It is a strange inclusion of Greek superstition.
(b) It is a nearly unique authorial digression from the history of the war itself.
(c) It is an important event that is glossed over lightly.
(d) It has nothing to do with either Athens or Sparta.

3. What transpires in Syracuse in 414 BC?
(a) Envoys pass between Athens and Sicily.
(b) Gylippus arrives in Syracuse and saves the city from defeat.
(c) Athens leaves Syracuse when Gylippus arrives.
(d) Large financial resources reach Syracuse.

4. Why is Alcibiades not brought to trial immediately after the vandalism for which he is blamed?
(a) The statute of limitations runs out.
(b) Many people do not believe he has anything to do with it.
(c) The fleet leaves and he goes with it.
(d) The government is slow to collect evidence.

5. What marks the period of the peace of Nicias from 421 to 413 BC?
(a) Minor but constant friction between Athenian and Spartan interests
(b) Several major battles between Athens and Sparta
(c) Economic growth of both Athens and sparta
(d) Military buildups which precluded an skirmishes at all

6. What success does Cleon have during the time of Book 5?
(a) Cleon leads an Athenian expedition to Thrace where he recaptures some areas formerly subjugated by Sparta.
(b) Cleon negotiates a cease fire with Crete.
(c) Cleon is elected to lead the country for life.
(d) Cleon succeeds in reguilding the Athenian war machine.

7. Where are most of the skirmishes fought in 411 BC?
(a) The Hellespont
(b) In Crete
(c) At Lycros
(d) In Miletus

8. Why does Thucydides create his own chronology for his history?
(a) He wants to exert influence over the Grecian calendar.
(b) He is not sure of exact dates during the war.
(c) There is a unified calendar of which he does not approve.
(d) He clearly intends it for a wider readership than just the Athenians.

9. How many battles are fought between Athens and Syracuse?
(a) Four
(b) One
(c) Three
(d) Two

10. What claim does Alcibiades make when the Phoenician navy remains neutral in the Aegean?
(a) He claims it is his personal influence with the Phoenicians.
(b) He claims that rumors of Phoenician ships in the area are false intelligence.
(c) He claims that he enlists the Spartan fleet to battle the Phoenicians.
(d) He claims that the Phoenicians are little better than pirates.

11. What area remains as the seat of power after the defeat at Syracuse?
(a) Samos, Chios, and Sardis.
(b) Persia and Corinth.
(c) Athens and the Delian League.
(d) The Attica-Euboea-Boeotia-Peloponnesus Theater

12. What is the political position of Argos from 418 through 416 BC?
(a) Consistently pro Spart
(b) Maintained neutrality
(c) Consistently pro-Athens
(d) Vascilation between Athens and Sparta

13. What does Sparta do in 414 BC?
(a) Gives command of their armies to Alcibiades.
(b) Twice invades Argos.
(c) Sends new peace envoys to Athens.
(d) Makes an alliance with Argos.

14. Who incites the revolt of Chios?
(a) Tissaphernes
(b) Demosthenes
(c) Brasias
(d) Alcibiades

15. How was Thucydides like news reporters today?
(a) He went to battle sites as a war correspondent.
(b) He was reticent about revealing his sources.
(c) He studied journalism at the university.
(d) He had a column in the Athenian newspaper.

Short Answer Questions

1. How are the triremes used in naval combat?

2. How does Thucydides write about important speeches and rhetoric during his time?

3. What is the first step in the unraveling of the Athenian force?

4. What are many Syracusans advocating prior to the arrival of Gylippus?

5. After the demise of Athenian democracy, what political force gains control?

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