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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What claim does Alcibiades make when the Phoenician navy remains neutral in the Aegean?
(a) He claims it is his personal influence with the Phoenicians.
(b) He claims that the Phoenicians are little better than pirates.
(c) He claims that he enlists the Spartan fleet to battle the Phoenicians.
(d) He claims that rumors of Phoenician ships in the area are false intelligence.

2. How do scholars generally explain the contradictions in Thucydides' text?
(a) Over time. he revises his opinions and understanding but does not always update all relevant textual passages.
(b) Correctly analyzed, what appears to be contradictions are actually not.
(c) Much of the manuscript is lost and Thucydides forgets what he has said earlier.
(d) Thucydides seems to have a great deal of trouble making up his mind.

3. How are the triremes used in naval combat?
(a) They aim for the enemy ship and ram it.
(b) They come alongside another trireme and break its oars.
(c) The move in quickly and are able to board the enemy ship.
(d) They are outfitted with dart throwing devices.

4. How does the text of Thucydides' history end?
(a) In mid-sentence, seven years prior to the conclusion of the war
(b) With predictions about future wars
(c) With a summary of the entire war
(d) With Thucydides returning from exile back to Athens

5. What occurs between Athens and Sparta during the winter of 422 BC?
(a) Diplomatic negotiations continue throughout the winter.
(b) They redraw the map of Greece.
(c) Athens and Sparta first sign a peace treaty and then develop an alliance of sorts.
(d) Athens and Sparta set up their defenses for the next year.

6. Why is Alcibiades not brought to trial immediately after the vandalism for which he is blamed?
(a) The fleet leaves and he goes with it.
(b) The government is slow to collect evidence.
(c) Many people do not believe he has anything to do with it.
(d) The statute of limitations runs out.

7. What is the net result of Gylippus' demand for more and better triremes?
(a) More of the fighting takes place on the sea.
(b) It bankrupts the country.
(c) The ships do not perform as expected.
(d) A disastrous defeat of the Athenian fleet

8. What does Thucydides say about the new Peloponnesian triremes?
(a) They use less manpower to operate.
(b) These triremes possess a reinforced prow with strengthened rams.
(c) They are the largest ships ever built up to that time.
(d) They are lighter and can move faster in the water.

9. How does Thucydides write about important speeches and rhetoric during his time?
(a) He interviews important principal characters in the political area of his day.
(b) As a scribe, he is actually present for most of the important speeches and negotiations.
(c) He has a good imagination for what is being thought and said.
(d) He asserts a knowledge about the thoughts of individuals at key moments within the history.

10. What desecration of religious idols is charged to Alcibiades?
(a) The stoning of the Oracle at Delphi
(b) The vandalism of the Hermae of Athens
(c) Setting fire to the temple of Apollo
(d) Knocking over the statues of Athena

11. What are many Syracusans advocating prior to the arrival of Gylippus?
(a) A settlement with Athens
(b) Joining the Delian League
(c) Abandoning the region
(d) Calling for spartan intervention

12. Where are most of the skirmishes fought in 411 BC?
(a) At Lycros
(b) In Crete
(c) In Miletus
(d) The Hellespont

13. What makes it plausible that Thucydides begins his history from first-hand knowledge?
(a) He is associated with the highest levels of diplomacy in the early days.
(b) He is a financier who has connections in high places.
(c) He is a wealthy Athenian and general in the early days of the war.
(d) His father is Athenian and his mother is from Sparta.

14. What happens in the second battle at Syracuse?
(a) Nicias finally takes aggressive action.
(b) Cleon comes and takes command of the Athenians.
(c) Gylippus leads his troops to victory.
(d) Alcibiades arrives with reinforcements.

15. Where is Thucydides writing his History of the Peloponnesian War?
(a) Underground Athens
(b) In Sparta
(c) In the Library of Alexandria
(d) In exile

Short Answer Questions

1. What s Sparta's excuse to resume major hostilities against Athens?

2. What unusual plan does Syracuse put into operation against Athens?

3. What marks the period of the peace of Nicias from 421 to 413 BC?

4. After military setbacks, what disagreement arses between Nicias and Demosthenes?

5. When Alcibiades is eventually recalled for blasphemy, what does he do?

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